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FAQs About Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Apr 24th

FAQs About Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures

Tattoo art gains massive fame over the last decade. With this ascent in the number of tattooed people, there also comes an ascent in the number of people looking to remove tattoos.Laser tattoo removal is a quickly developing industry.

But, the idea is still new to many individuals. What follows is a review of the most common FAQs about laser tattoo removal:

How does the laser procedure remove the tattoo?

The laser centers a serious light emission (laser) energy on the tattoo, which separates the tattoo ink color into small parts. These parts are then absorbed and flushed out naturally by the body throughout the next several weeks following treatment.

Current laser technology allows providers to focus on the ink without hurting the surrounding skin and tissue cells - so healing is fast and scarring is extremely rare.

Is the procedure really painful?

Many people compare the pain related to removal with the level of pain while getting tattooed. The effect of the laser pulse is regularly contrasted with the feeling of snapping an elastic band on the skin. The good thing is that it requires less time to evacuate a tattoo than it did to apply it!

There are numerous topical numbing creams like, Numbmaster, NumbSkin, Dr.Numb®, which can ease the pain of removing tattoos. Also, while getting tattooed, numbing cream can be used to kill the pain of getting inked.

How many treatment sessions does it take to expel a tattoo?

This actually depends on the skin of a person from person to person. Also, it depends on the design and size of the tattoo. Most professionally inked tattoos usually take from 5 to 12 treatments to expel totally.

Homemade tattoos normally take less 1 to 6 treatments. If you simply need your tattoo helped to cover-up with new tattoo art, then it will take 1 to 4 treatments.

How long do you need to hold up in between treatments?

Treatments are regularly dispersed 4-6 weeks apart. Your body needs time to heal legitimately and flush the ink out.

Will a tattoo be completely removed?

We all know that 100% removal cannot be guaranteed. Different types of ink react distinctively to the laser method. Black and red inks are generally the most effortless to evacuate. Some light blues and light greens are harder to evacuate. It’s difficult to tell what added substances contain in any given ink by any manufacturer, so not all inks react the same.