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Famous Personalities With Tattoos And Its Influence

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 11th

Famous Personalities With Tattoos And Its Influence

Tattoos are not just the mere designs, they are feelings embodied in the skin. This unique body art acts as a platform for many celebrities too, who eventually set a trend with their amazing tattoo designs. Some celebrities even possess more than dozens of tattoos and then flaunt them explaining the ideology hidden behind those tattoos.

Celebrities are treated as fashion icons whom everyone follows. Not just the tattoos, they had set a buzz in clothing, make-up or other body art industry too. There is hardly any actor or singer in Hollywood without any tattoo, so their tattoos influence many others to get the same tattoo.

The article shares few famous tattoos designs of some famous celebrities and their impact on commoners who chose tattoo as a platform to show their love for their favorite personality.

Ed Sheeran

The colorful tattoos sleeves of Ed Sheeran attract many and he also gets criticized for some of his tattoos. His motive behind his tattoos is to ink big moments that occur in his life. Sheeran said to Elle magazine that “I got [the tattoos] all over the course of a year of touring, in different countries and different cities. It wasn't so much about what I was tattooing on my body. It was where, the time and place, and the memories. He says that he knows the exact time and place of where and when he got even the silliest of his tattoos.”

David Beckham

Football superstar David Beckham has many children in form of tattoos residing on his skin. Let’s have a look at his most famous tattoos:

  • Most of his tattoos are dedicated to his beloved wife, Victoria Beckham.
  • Beckham has a Sanskrit tattoo of his wife which was criticized too because of wrong spellings (maybe) - “Vihctoria”. However, Beckham doesn’t appear to mind much.
  • Both husband and wife got inked with a quote saying “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine” on their sixth wedding commemoration. This tattoo was also in Sanskrit.
  • If you look at other tattoos of Beckham, most of them incorporate a holy messenger on his right upper arm i.e. a roman number 7. The number 7 is highly important as it speaks to his shirt number in Manchester United and England

Influence of celebrities’ tattoos on people

People get highly inspired by Celebrities in all phases of life. They love to travel on their paths and try to express their love for them in many ways. One of the trendiest ways to express love for their favorite celebrity is through the tattoos. With permanent tattoo design dedicated to their favorite celebrity, they want to express their respect, love, and care for them.

Following are few experiences of people who got influenced by celebrities to get a tattoo on their skin.

Finally found a platform for my love for Star Wars

“My life works on a simple principle: Eat, Star Wars and Sleep. I am 20 and my room is flooded with star war toys, t-shirts and it’s all other accessories. Whenever it comes to the expression of my love, an idea of getting a Tattoo always popped up in mind because it will remain with me for my entire lifetime. But my decision never came to the forefront because I never encountered any good design of star war till now. Also, I am not so creative to develop a tattoo design on my own. I was just surfing few of the social sites and suddenly my eyes stopped on the article on Facebook saying “Zayn Malik gets Star Wars tattoo that glows in the dark.” I became his fan as soon as I read the title. I read the whole article and the photograph of his tattoo gave me a solution to all my answers. I just saved the picture of his tattoo on my phone and rushed to the nearest tattoo artist. One week after the appointment, I got my finger inked with star war tattoo and yes I can say “The force is with me.” Thanks to Zayn Malik who influenced me to get a tattoo of a lifetime.”

Skin is a playground, let’s play Football

“When I was 3 my parents gifted me a football and since then my birthday gift has always been a football. Being a Messi Maniac, I never ever missed his any match or even interview. I just started to search a good photo of Messi so that I can take my love for him to my skin forever. One day I accompanied one of my friends to a tattoo salon as she was getting her tenth tattoo on her neck. I was fascinated as soon as I entered the salon and I just started to discuss my tattoo idea with their tattoo artist. Our 30 minutes of brainstorming finally gave me a perfect picture of Messi to be inked on my arm. I took no time to finalize it and asked him to ink me on the spot.”