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Facts to Remember Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Dec 26th

Facts to Remember Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Gone are the days when application of tattoo was regretted. Cheers to the technology, you are no longer at the end of the rope. Tattoo application industry in UK is said to be of worth £80 million. Thanks to 20 million British who have at least one tattoo as documented in The Telegraph.

But the industry to remove the tattoo is competing at same level. Statistics reveal that in the past decade, an increase in 440% has been witnessed in revenues from removal procedures.

Tattoos are prevalent since ages and no stoppage is being reflected in near future. But the change is inevitable. One can feel to get rid of tattoo because of any factor, say regret, boredom or job search. Today, removal of tattoo with help of laser is gaining lots of popularity. Let’s get familiar with it.

Laser Tattoo Removal-Working

For Tattoo to get removed, it is essential to break the ink particles present in the skin. It is important to heat the ink particles to make it expand, but it has to be so fast that half of the particles remain cool. This hot and cool repelling force chops away the ink particles present. This process is called as photothermolysis.

Once the ink particles are destroyed by the laser, the white blood cells absorb them and transport the same to liver.

Few facts to be aware of before the treatment

  • Tattoo Size- Doesn’t matter

Small tattoos do occupy lesser space on your body part but it does not mean they will fade faster. Smaller tattoos often have greater ink density. Larger tattoos may accompany shaded areas which has low ink density and hence fades quickly. So the less physical space occupied by small tattoo does not mean quick fading, instead it means a longer fading time due to high ink density.

Moreover, the size of tattoo does not depend. It has to undergo the same procedure and same number of sessions.

Expectations- Be happy for the good and be ready for the worst

Don’t rush if you have made up your to get rid of the tattoo. Get an appointment with an expert and gather thorough knowledge about the treatment. As there is no guarantee that tattoo will be removed, speak to the expert so that he can set up your expectations analyzing your tattoo.

Some tattoos only partially fade away and some end up leaving ghost image of the tattoo behind. Few treatments can lead to permanent raised scarring. So it becomes vital to understand whether you need to cover up the tattoo or partially remove it?

Tattoo’s Location

Location of the tattoo matters when question of fading comes. Tattoos located close to your heart have higher chances of getting faded because of good blood circulation. Body parts where blood circulation is poor, tattoos take long time to get fade.

The ankle, for example is the bad place for laser tattoo removal.

Kirby-Desai Scale

Kirby-Desai scale is used to assess the potential success and number of treatments necessary for laser tattoo removal. The scale has 6 following factors:

  • Skin type;
  • Location;
  • Color;
  • Amount of ink;
  • Scarring or tissue change and

The points are then assigned to each factor. On combining points of all the factors, if the total score goes far beyond 15 points, it may become difficult to remove the tattoo and guidance of physician will be required to decide whether laser removal is the method of the choice for the patient.

Multiple Sessions- Patience is the key to effective tattoo removal

You have to be patient if you expect a better result out of laser treatment. Getting a tattoo is easier than getting it removed. Don’t expect to just walk in the clinic and in 1 hour your tattoo vanishes. It’s not a fairy tale. Tattoos are meant to be permanent so even laser cannot remove it instantly.

The number of treatments as well as the healing time will vary from person to person. Multiple treatments are often required to get rid of a tattoo. On an average you can expect 8-12 sittings for the desired results.

Side- Effects of the treatment

There are few side effects accompanied with the laser removal treatment which usually goes away with time. Following are few side effects:

  1. Swelling;
  2. Blistering;
  3. Redness;
  4. Tenderness and
  5. Bruising

The pain incurred during the laser treatment entirely depends on person to person. While for some the process is entirely painless, but definitely it will cause a little discomfort. To avoid this discomfort, most of the artists do use some effective numbing cream before initiating the procedure which can make your tattoo removal a painless procedure.

Good luck for removal of tattoo.