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Eyebrows with Threading and Tweezing: What to do before and after?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jan 28th

Eyebrows with Threading and Tweezing: What to do before and after?

Threading and tweezing are two methods for getting shaped and beautiful eyebrows. However, there are several things you should keep in mind before and after getting them.

Threading and tweezing are popular beauty rituals among women for well-defined eyebrows. These methods have been used since ages in Indian subcontinent, China and Arabian nations.

Well groomed brows are not only attractive, but enhance your face and balance your features, only if done in a right way. However, you can think opposite if threading or tweezing goes wrong. And you may not like that to happen. Therefore, you must be careful while getting it done. From salons, face shape, to aftercare instructions, there are several things to keep in mind. Here’s how.

Always Prefer a Good Salon with Experienced Staff:

There are many salons or parlors offering eyebrow shaping. However, choose the one with good reviews and experienced staff. Make sure the threading professional is well trained. It is not all about pulling out the hair to create a shape. The other factors to be considered are start point, arch and end of the eyebrow. A right professional is supposed to do the job considering these things.

To find such professionals, you can ask friends; explore Internet and checkout reviews and ratings on their sites.

What about the Face Shape?

Do you have long face? Do you have oblivion face? Or your face has squared jaw? You should consider your face type before getting your eyebrow shaped. For a long face, flat eyebrow shape is good as it balances your face shape. Woman with round face can choose high arched eyebrows for a soft arch shape. A slight arch eyebrow is good for oval shape while a rounder shape eyebrow looks great on the squared face. A heart shaped lady can try low arch round brow, and curved brow is just meant for the lady with diamond face shape. To get your desired eyebrow shape, give your brows enough time to grow before your threading appointment. It would be best if you stay away from plucking and waxing for at least two weeks.

Avoid Eye Makeup Before Threading:

Don’t apply eye-makeup products like mascara or eyeliner. It will only spoil your experience with smudging.

Redness and Pain are the Part of the Process:

Given that threading and tweezing involve the pulling of the hair follicle, you are going to have pain and discomfort throughout the process. On the top of that, there may be redness over there. Ask your parlor what solution they have in place to ease the pain. They may use special ointment or soothing element like a cold compress. If you have sensitive skin, you must have Neosporin or hydrocortisone.

Besides redness, you must be ready for the pain associated with the hair plucking.

What about numbing cream?

Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which desensitizes the skin against any sensation or pain. It dulls your pain receptors, which send pain signals to the brain. Use it an hour before. However, you should apply numbing cream carefully over your eyebrows to avoid its dropping into your eyes. Also, avoid using the cream if you have health concerns. (Or it is better to ask the doctor.)

Take Warm Bath and Shower:

If your hairs are moist, they are likely to be pulled out easily without hurting you. So, it does make sense to take a warm bath or shower. The combination of heat and moisture will make the hairs be easily pulled out.

So these are some tips to get perfectly shaped eyebrows with threading and tweezing. However, your job is not simply over. You need to take care of the newly defined eyebrows afterwards. Here’s how…

  • Avoid using bleach products for at least an hour after receiving the threading as they can cause itching and irritation. And your strong urge to scratch over it can spoil the threading.
  • Avoid using heat vapor facial treatment immediately after threading as it may make your skin dried and cracked.
  • Avoid touching your freshly threaded area after the process. Because threading makes your skin pores opened and frequent touching means your passing on dust and dirt to them.
  • Steer away from the exfoliating creams and solutions. Use ice cubes to heal the redness after threading. You can use aloe vera or rose water too.
  • Avoid sun exposure, at least after a couple of hours of after threading. Your skin becomes sensitive to Sun’s harmful UV rays. Or you can apply a good quality of sunscreen if it’s urgent to step out in the sun.

Wrapping UP

With the help of these pre-waxing tips along with aftercare guidelines, you can get beautiful eyebrows. Always choose the right salon to get it done