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Extreme Body Modifications- These are Much More Painful Than You Think!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 10th

Extreme Body Modifications- These are Much More Painful Than You Think!

When it is about body modification, there are a number of acts which can be done to the body. While some of these acts can be permanent, others are temporary. The very first image that comes to mind is that of a heavily tattooed person with so many piercings and strange clothes. However, this is not true always. It can take on many forms. Read on to know more.

Saying that, body modification has been going on for thousands of years, for different reasons, will not be wrong. It has been very strange aspect of the society's culture, or say, the culture of many societies. While in early days modification was something linked with cultural significance, later it became a fashion trend. Different people from varying cultures around the world have been concerned about their personal appearance. And it has been found that they would go to great lengths to improve it. Don’t believe? Find out some extreme types here:


It is exactly what it sounds like; fearful and painful. A number of methods like cutting or branding were used to create a keloid. Basically, this was done in order to form a type of scar on the skin, which gives a three-dimensional appearance. This process gives a design with more depth than a simple tattoo. Being performed within a variety cultures, it was popular for different reasons including the rite of passage ritual. Also, in other contexts it was done for spiritual reasons. In the modern world, scarification can be done simply for its artistic effect.

Foot binding:

It was in the Song dynastywhen upper-class court dancers used to bind their feet just to make them tiny and delicate. The look was said to be highly attractive that it gradually became a fashion and was later copied by Chinese families. Many parents who wished their daughters to become more beautiful trusted on this body modification. As far as the prefect foot size was considered, it was just four inches.

Tongue Splitting:

In ancient Hindu texts you will find characters like Kaliyah who attributed to the trend of forked tongues. It was a popular practice amongst ancient yoga practitioners. So, whether it was something linked with ancient yogis or mythological demon, split tongue practice was an early practice. It is almost out in modern times.

Neck Stretching:

Will you believe in order to have a more graceful neck, women of the Padaung culture used to wear a succession of brass rings? This is done just to give an illusion of a longer neck. Also there was a misconception that adding these brass rings will gradually elongate the neck itself. However, orthopedic surgeons refused to this. Actually, it was the weight of the rings which pushes down the collarbone, which offers the illusion of a longer neck. Till now various reasons have emerged out for this practice, but most common in is the idea through which they believed getting longeris simple and beautiful.

Lip Plates:

It comes exclusively fromMursi, Chai, and Tirma tribes. Once upon a time, it was much more common throughout Africa. Simply, a series of plates is worn in order to stretch the lower lip. It is done to the girls at the age of 15 or 16 years. Andmost of the women are asked to persevere until their lips are capable of carrying a 12-centimeter plate.

So, now you get to know that it is not always about tattooing, piercing or painting. Body modifications have been unique and terrific in past. And, even today these exist in some or the other form.