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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cover Up Tattoos!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 10th

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cover Up Tattoos!

Read here what you want to know about tattoo cover up!

Life is not easy with tattoo regret. Whether it’s a poor design or your ex’s name, you want to get rid of your tattoo as soon as possible. But what if you find laser tattoo removal method out of your budget? You may not like the other tattoo removal methods which are too slow to be effective. Have you ever thought about cover up tattoo removal? Yes, covering up your tattoo with other design or alternation can make it interesting again for you. But the covering up of tattoo requires you to consider several things:

Covering up of tattoo depends on certain factors including colors in your original tattoo, fading degree, the subject of the cover-up tattoo you want, and whether or not any elements of your old tattoo are salvageable.

Covering up of tattoo is not easy as it requires an artist to work on shading, detailing, blending, and depth of color. So, it makes sense to choose a good artist to mask your old tattoo.

The new tattoo design should be at least 4 times of the size of your existing tattoo.

Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange are not suitable for covering tattoos. Cool colors like blue, green, purple are good for cover-ups.

It requires three coating tattooing to completely cover your old tattoo if it is dark. So, you must keep patience when getting them done.

How to Choose Design for Your Tattoo Cover Up?

It is really confusing to end up with the good idea for your cover up as not all alterations will work due to all the limitations of getting a cover-up. Most of the people choose cover up to hide their existing tattoo if it has lot of detail. For example, animal or beast with lot scales and feathers is a good choice for a cover-up. Similarly, Asian style dragons, eagles or fish with dark shades is a good covering up idea. You can also go for biomechanical tattoos with lot of details.

Choose black atmospheric shading for giving background on cover ups.

How Tattoo Artist Work on Your Tattoo Cover Up?

  • Alter the old design with the new tattoo
  • Working on an old tattoo, strengthening weak lines or adding new features
  • Working on the spelling in an existing tattoo
  • Using white ink to fade old tattoos as much as possible.

What to Do Before Your Tattoo Cover Up?

  • Find a good tattoo artist which is expert in cover up tattoos.
  • Prefer a cover up design comprised of cool and dark colors and fine details
  • Ask your artist about size, placement and design changes
  • Use Dr.Numb® numbing cream an hour before your tattoo cover up to ease your pain