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Everything You Need To Know About Conch Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 21st

Everything You Need To Know About Conch Piercing

You might have heard a lot about conch piercing. There are many celebrities who have done this piercing to look stunning. If you are too, considering conch piercing for yourself, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will talk about everything related to conch piercing.

To begin with, conch is the shell of the ear, the external part. This is a kind of piercing on the cartilage of the ear, and is done in a same way. It's a simple process, but to be done by a professional to avoid any infection.

How is Conch Piercing done?

Conch piercing is a non-invasive process. There are two types of conch piercings – internal and external. You need to decide which one are you opting.

Don’t ever try to take risks when you are dealing with needles. Never try to do piercing of your own as it can cause lots of pain or injury. So, hire a good professional piercer to get it done. They will apply a topical numbing cream like, Dr.Numb®, before starting the process to kill the pain.

The first thing that your professional will do is to clean the whole ear area to make it disinfected.

Then, the expert will mark the area with the pen where you want to get pierced. A gun or a piercing needle is used to pierce the area.

Take a paper towel and wipe away the area if a blood is coming out. Then, quickly insert a jewelry like, small stud or ring.

Make sure that your artist wash his hand properly and wear an elastic glove before piercing, to avoid risks. And, follow the after care tips given by your artist to heal your piercing quickly.

Conch Piercing Bleeding

Normal bleeding is common when it comes to conch piercing. The piercing artist will take care of it, to make you feel comfortable.

Conch Piercing Infection

Any piercing can get infected due to many reasons. You must know that the infection can spread through the cartilage and harm it in a way that it can’t be repaired. Fortunately, there are preventions you can take to avoid infection; some of them are mentioned below;

Conch Piercing Jewelry

When we talk about jewelry for conch piercing, there’s a wide range of choices like, round barbells, Labret studs, Captive bead rings. As it is your first jewelry, think twice or do take advice of your piercer before you wear them.