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Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Mar 19th


Stunning, hot and muscular body adorned with a unique tattoo gives perfect look to a man. Tattooing being painful seems to be more common in men, but the trend favors the opposite gender as a research revealed that in the USA 59% of women have tattoos as compared to 41% of men. However, the trend is equally popular amongst both men and women.

Tattoos are the evergreen ornaments one can wear and best thing is that it is common for both men and women.

However, there are some designs which are meant just for men and there are few tattoo designs which holds equal relevance for both men and women. There are many people who postpone their tattooing process just because of lack of good tattoo designs.

George, a 20 years student says that “I am looking for good tattoo designs since I turned 18 but I am unable to fetch any good design which can suit my personality, so I postponed my plans of getting a tattoo this year and will look forward for a tattoo in the following year because tattoo is not just a thing, it is a permanent asset.”

This article bring ideas of some unique and some evergreen tattoo designs with their relevance so that you can choose the one which goes best with your personality.

Tribal Cross tattoo

Tattoos are popular amongst both the genders since its invention. However, tattoos have undergone a great change since their origin. New tattoo designs come up almost every day but there are some old tattoo designs which never lost their charm.

When tattoos came into existence, the religious tattoo designs were in most demand, however, they are still popular amongst many even after a century. Tribal cross tattoos are amongst such tattoo designs.

These tattoos are inked on the skin to highlight the relationship with the tribal community. They are not same as other cross tattoos and are different in its own way. The features of Tribal cross tattoos are as follows:

  • They make use of black ink.
  • They are done in broad strokes.

Some people get attracted toward the beauty of this tattoo while others go ahead with this because of their liking towards certain trait of the tribe.

Soundwave Tattoos

Add voice to your emotions with help of this unique assortment of art and science. Welcome to 2018 and welcome this new buzz in tattoo industry named soundwave tattoo.

Tattoos are permanent property of life and they are no less than a body part because it contains many feelings of yours. But with advancement and innovation in technology, these feelings will speak. Yes! The tattoo will speak what you want it to say.

A mobile app, your favorite sound, and creativity of tattoo artist and yours will give birth to a new form of tattoo called as soundwave tattoo. A mobile application called skin motion will generate a soundwave pattern of your chosen audio in any form: noise, music or some sound. The pattern that was generated will be inked on your skin and then by using a Smartphone’s camera your tattoo will play the desired sound.

Even men have same feelings as women do, so think of this design if you want to do something creative for your lover.

Chinese Dragon tattoos

No one has seen dragons in present generation but they are viewed to be the defenders of treasures and homes. There are many dragon tattoo designs which look colorful on the skin, especially when inked all over the backs or when extended all the way down to the arms.

Before getting a tattoo, it is always essential to understand the meaning of tattoo and the biggest advantage of Chinese dragon tattoos is that it is well-suited for every purpose. A Chinese dragon symbolizes power and mystery. The Chinese dragon was looked upon as a mythical beast full of intelligence and good will in Asia.

There are several species of a Chinese dragon with a different meaning as follows:

  • The Yellow Dragon- Hornless and full of knowledge.
  • The Winged Dragon- The only type to have wings.
  • The Spiritual Dragon- Controller of wind and rain.
  • The Horned Dragon- Mightiest of all.
  • The Coiling Dragon- Resides in the ocean.
  • The Earth Dragon- Rules Mother Earth.
  • The Treasure Dragon- Keeper of precious gems and metals.
  • The Celestial Dragon- Protector of god and supports heaven.

DNA Tattoos

You love someone and feel getting her name inked on your skin is too old-fashioned? Then let us introduce you to the new world where feelings are the topmost priority. Welcome to the world where science has art in itself. Here we introduce to you DNA Tattoos.

The tattoo design which was used to be famous with the name of ‘Morbid Ink’ has got wings now and has landed within the reach of everyone by a company named Everence

The process is simple: Give DNA of a person to Everence in any form: saliva, hair or blood and they will extract and purify it at their end. The DNA will be converted into powdery form and will be returned o you in a vial which will be free from any chemical impurities.

Take the powder to your tattoo artist and he will mix it with ink and will gift you a tattoo of your lover’s DNA.

Lion tattoo design

With myriad tattoo designs available in the market, lion tattoo designs have never lost its grace. These tattoo designs signify strength to captivate this world where the one who survives, fits well. Therefore, the one with lion tattoo design tries to express all the features associated with a lion. The feature of lion tattoo includes:

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Vigor

The bearer of Lion tattoo design wants to symbolize its power, prestige, and authority. So, go ahead with lion tattoo design if you feel yourself to be the ruler of this world.