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Top 6 Essential Oils For Sunburn Relief and Prevention

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 14th

Top 6 Essential Oils For Sunburn Relief and Prevention

Scorching summers are never good for skin. Sunburns are among the most fearful effect brought forth by these.

Certainly, sun is the center of our solar system. Hence, its effects are far-reaching, especially, the powerful rays of the sun, which can be both beneficial and harmful. While regular sun exposure is good for your health as it is a source of vitamin D, but extensive exposure can cause trouble. Yes, too much sun exposure can lead to sunburn.

And that’s not all! It can increase the risk of skin cancer, lead to early wrinkling of the skin, and be a reason several other harmful side effects. For those who are dealing with sunburns, or who fear for it, need to know about the top 6 essential oils which work magically for your skin.

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Frankincense Essential Oil

This oil works well to heal the damaged skin. Though it is commonly used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, it also moisturizes your skin. For sunburns, it brings great relief to the pain associated.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Being a natural painkiller, peppermint essential oil helps you deal with sunburn pain. Its application causes a cooling and soothing affect on the burnt skin. While it consists of menthol, it will help numb the skin as well. Moreover, this oil acts as a good moisturizing agent for your skin if used with carrier oil. Along this, it helps fight infection with its antiviral properties.

Note: Don’t apply it directly to the skin. Dilute it using a carrier oil of your choice; else it can be an irritant to the skin if undiluted.

Lavender Essential Oil

Another essential oil which relieves the pain of sunburn with gentle effect! Lavender oil assists healing of burnt skin and reduces the pain of burns, meanwhile reducing redness. The calming and cooling effects of this oil makes it as a remedy for many skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Not only it helps healing of your skin but also assist in regenerating it. Helichrysum essential oil is well known for reducing swelling, healing wounds, disinfecting wounds, and increasing tissue growth. All these properties make it very helpful in healing the wounded skin. If you have sensitive skin, this essential oil is great to use, with little to no side effects.

Rose Essential Oil

When it comes to aiding relief and healing of sunburn, rose essential oil is certainly a good choice. It is gentle and soothing. Also it makes your skin more permeable, allowing it to absorb better and boosting its healing properties. This one is act as a great moisturizer for skin, meanwhile reducing inflammation.

Chamomile Essential Oil

It is not new to the beauty world. For centuries, it has been used to bring relieve to skin. Chamomile essential oil has shown amazing results in reduction of scars. You can use it to reduce swelling and inflammation. And the cooling effects are great to provide relief from the discomfort caused due to sunburnt skin. Along this, it consists of antiseptic and antibiotic properties which help preventing infection. This oil offers calming effect and can be used for even small children.

So now when you are well-versed with the list of essential oils, use them wisely for the fruitful results.