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Emotional Stages While Getting Your Nose Pierced

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Apr 21st

Emotional Stages While Getting Your Nose Pierced

If you are ready for the nose piercing session, here are the emotional stages you will go through.

Nose Piercing is exciting and overwhelming as well. But these are the pre-piercing experience. This is because you go through lots of emotions throughout the session, no matter if you are a piercing enthusiast or a beginner. Here we have listed up the feelings most of the people have while getting their nose pierced.


It is obvious to feel anxiety while facing any type of body piercing, especially if you are a beginner. A sight of needles and other piercing equipment can make anybody nervous. You have sweaty palms, racy heartbeat and your mind is filled with million thoughts when your piercer leans in. Is it going right? Will it damage my tissue? Can I tolerate the pain? But once you experience the process, you are less likely to worry while undergoing the process next time.

Brief and Intense Pain:

It didn’t feel good when needle starts penetrating your skin. However, it depends on your pain threshold. Some feels it like a pinch while other may experience intense pain, but for few seconds only. You can use Dr.Numb® numbing cream to make your piercing less painful.


You feel no more anxious when you are accompanied by your friend in a studio. Besides, if you are a determined person, you will face the penetration like a brave.


You will be amazed to find that the process takes just few minutes. It’s all done. But the surprise won’t end here. The feeling is beyond description when you see the beautiful jewelry on your pierced area. You can’t help giving kudos to the piercer.


You will be pleased over your decision to pay little extra for a trained professional, rather than doing the piercing at your own.

Pride and Satisfaction:

Your new nostril piercing look amazing, making you feel pride and satisfied. You can flaunt it and try new style of jewelry.

If you want to have positive feelings throughout the piercing, consider choosing a professional and certified piercing artist. This is because some people have weird piercing experience as they choose wrong artist or get it done from their friend. With a good piercing artist at your side, you have a genuinely rewarding experience and walk away with a piercing you’ll love for a years to come. However, you should take care of your piercing to avoid infection and skin scarring.