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What are the easiest ways for hair removal?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jul 6th

What are the easiest ways for hair removal?

Hairless skin is a dream of every woman. Especially in the summers, when you want to flaunt to your bikini dress, all you need is a solution which help get rid of unwanted hair. Find out here some of the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted hair by hair removal.

Having a beach party this weekend? Or want to wear your new sleeveless dress?

There is one thing which can stop you wearing that favorite attire. Yes, the unwanted hair growth. While you cannot abandon the growth, but you can certainly get rid of hair from your skin.

Hence, if you desire for silky smooth, clean, and hairless skin, you need to pick a right hair removals solution. Nowadays there are many ways to get rid of undesirable body hair, including waxing, shaving, depilatories, threading, sugaring, plucking, and many more. But with so many choices, it can be quite difficult for you to make a right choice.

Not to worry! Here is a list of thing you can do to make your skin smooth without spending much;


These are popularly known as hair removal creams. Being rich in chemicals which help breaking down the disulfide bond in the keratin of the hair, these are not recommended for sensitive areas and skin type. Actually, by breaking the bond, these creams weaken the hair strength and when you wipe or rinse off the cream, your hair comes along. It might be a cheaper solution, but if you are someone with the history of allergic reactions, avoid using these.


If you are running short of budget, this can be the cheapest and easiest accessible method for removing hair. And the good thing is that you can do it yourself when needed. With just two-three minutes of your day, it can be done over areas like legs and arms. Plus, nowadays you have an access to wide variety of devices such as epilator and electric shavers. Seriously, these machines help save your time and effort. While epilators are hand-held machines which come with rotating tweezers, these serve to be an ideal investment for hairless skin.

As far as electric shavers are concerned, these are small-structures machines with a fine screen across the skin surface. The blades in these devices will move laterally and cut the hair against the edge of the screen. The best thing about blade shaving is that it’s effective and cheaper.


It is a more popular and trusted method among those who want hairless skin in the long run. Simply, the melted wax is applied to the skin, in the direction of the hair growth. Then using a strip, the wax is pulled off in the opposite direction. With wax, the strips also bring out the unwanted hair.

Just one thing, waxing is the most efficient solution but it might be painful for many of you. However, there is a cure to this- Dr.Numb ®. It is a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% lidocaine and can be used for all skin types. All you need to do is apply a fine layer 45 minutes before you start with waxing, and it will block the pain signals efficiently.