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Ease the pain of Insulin Injections

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 18th

Ease the pain of Insulin Injections

If you’re diabetic and have been put on insulin by your doctor, you understand, insulin injections are going to be painful. Since, you may have to be injected every day, even twice a day at times, it’s not imperative for you to bear the pain. We have here detailed a few tips to reduce or help eliminate the pain associated with insulin injection.

Have a trial injection for experience

Most people tend to take insulin injections by themselves. If you’re planning to do the same. Make sure you do a trial run before piercing your skin.

Do a trial injection on a washcloth or an orange. This will let you feel how it’s going to be while you try to pierce through your own skin. It is good way to know how it is like to get a shot.

Listen carefully to the sounds needle makes while entering trough the orange peel or while piercing the fabric. When you’re injecting either of the two things, make sure they are placed on the table or a stable surface and not in your lap.

Practice injecting with the orange or washcloth. Once you’re done, dispose of the orange and put the cloth in laundry.

Besides, you can also practice injection on a willing friend, family member or any volunteering person. This will give you a real experience of pushing the syringe in the human body to deliver a dose (though in this case you will use a dose of normal saline only). Do not use water, get a sterile vial of saline solution over the counter and administer it, for your experience, with a sterile needle.

Use numbing cream for painless experience

Many people are using numbing creams for painless experience while taking insulin injections. Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic cream which works by deadening the nerve endingson the skin where it is applied. This restricts the pain signals from being transmitted to the brain, and you do not feel the pain sensation, while the skin is pierced.

If you consider using numbing cream, ask your doctor about Dr.Numb®, a prescription numbing cream. Numbing cream will give you some control to minimize that pain you may otherwise have on being injected.

The cream usually takes 30 minutes to 45 minutes to dry and be effective. You must therefore apply the cream well in advance to ensure it is effective when you’re injecting insulin into the body.

Use an ice pack

If you want a quick and effective method to minimize pain while being administered with insulin injection, consider using an ice pack. Ice pack is a no-cost effective alternative to numb the skin before injection. Use ice cube to numb the skin – rub the cube for a few seconds and then sterilize the area with alcohol swab.

Ensure injection temperature for better experience

People keep insulin injection in refrigerator. Injecting cold insulin can hurt more than, if it was kept in room temperature. Remove the unopened insulin bottle from the refrigerator long before it is to be administered, and keep it in room temperature. Insulin should be in room temperature when you want to use it.