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Ear Piercing- Style with Smile & Heal with Care

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Dec 11th

Ear Piercing- Style with Smile & Heal with Care

Our body is an empty canvas which needs to be painted and designed on our own resulting into a priceless art. You can modify your body in any way you wish to. There is a rush of people running towards piercing as you get lots of choices and wide range of areas where you can get yourself pierced.

Ear Piercing is an oldest known form of body modifications known till now. In Hindu religion, according to karnadvedha, an ear piercing ceremony is performed between the first and fifth year of the child. So, ear piercing is not only related to fashion but also carries religious obligations.

Thinking about getting your ears pierced is one thing and implementing it is a difficult task as you have got myriad types of styles you can follow. So, here we will take you to a journey exploring different types of ear piercing and the care you will require for the same. Tighten the seat belts and enjoy the ride.

Helix Piercing

The reason I am keeping Helix piercing on top of the list is because of the area where this piercing is performed. It covers that area of your ear which does not contain any nerves. So the absence of any nerves in this particular area paves the way for painless piercing, ultimately satisfying your goal of becoming stylish with bonus of no pain.

Helix Piercing is usually performed along the upper ear. Studs are usually used to decorate your ears with this type of piercing although other types of jewelry can also be used.

There is a sub-part of Helix Piercing called as Forward Helix piercing which to some extent is similar to regular helix piercing just the location makes the difference. The location used is bit lower than that of regular helix piercing.

Snug Piercing

The part of the middle ear located a little above the anti-tragus is called a snug and piercing performed here is called as Snug Piercing. The area on which this piercing is applicable is quite shallow, so you will not able to use long jewelry and instead you are likely to use micro jewelry. But no doubt even the small studs look pretty awesome at this location.

Conch Piercing

Well, for all those who don’t know where the conch is, let me describe it first. The outer part of the ear or shell is called as Conch. As far as other kinds of ear piercing is concerned, this is one of the simplest processes and can be completed without any faults.

There is variety of jewelry one can use as far as Conch Piercing is concerned.

Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing is like using one arrow and achieving two targets. Technically, it means a pair of piercing held together by jewelry.

In this case, one of the piercing is done in forward-helix area followed by other piercing performed on opposite side of the ear.

Lobe piercing

Anyone who wants to enter into an organization of ear piercing which means someone who is a fresher into this field, this type of piercing is meant for him or her. It is possible to some extent that the first piercing of life you have ever encountered is Lobe Piercing.

It’s quick to heal and quickly adjust with your personality.

So, these were the few types of ear piercing you can go ahead with. But just don’t stop here. There are many other factors that should matter to you before you decide the kind of ear piercing you should go ahead with.

  1. Your Budget;
  2. The Pain you will suffer for specific piercing;
  3. Professional Piercing;
  4. Time of healing and
  5. Be cool on the day of your appointment.

Ear-Piercing After Care

We care, that’s why we share

While I believe that your piercer will take a good care of the process, still it is your responsibility to ensure that the process has been done and recovered safely.

Instructions are meant to be followed

Getting pierced is just like getting a wound. Wound takes it time to get healed so is the case with your ear. Different kinds of ear piercing take different time to get healed. So be patient and give yourself and your ear some time and follow all the precautions your piercer will provide.

Follow strict routine

Just like you wake up and brush your teeth, take a bath and eat food, you also have to add another procedure in your daily to-do list viz. taking a good care of your pierced ear. You have to clean and care for your pierced ear.

Chemicals: An Enemy to be avoided

Avoid letting any chemicals like shampoo or soap to reach your affected area as these chemicals can be detrimental for your ear. Only chemical that you can welcome is the solution provided to you for cleaning process of your ear.

How to deal with pain, if any?

You might experience some pain after the piercing process but it usually don’t last much, if it still persist, you can use some good numbing cream which can help you to forget about pain and you can enjoy your healing process.

Starter Earrings

As soon as you get your ear pierced, your piercer will insert some starter earrings. No, these are nothing to be meant with your fashion taste; neither are they used to adore your beauty. These earrings are composed of anti-allergic materials and removal of such earrings before time may lead to immature healing of your pierced hole and results might be getting as worsen that you might have to consult the doctor.

Apart from being just a good listener, you can also use your ears to be a style statement and a medium to express your creativity. We just added a drop of help so that you can chose a wise design according to your comfort level and thank us in return later on. Wish you luck for your first or next piercing.