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Ear Piercing for Kids-What you Need to Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 18th

Ear Piercing for Kids-What you Need to Know!

Getting a piercing done is painful. Especially, when it is about your kid’s ears, things become daunting. Don’t worry; here are some tips to help you in such a situation. Read on.

Among the oldest body art practices, ear piercing is certainly the one to keep up with its popularity even today. Followed by people all around the world, it is famous among all age groups. In fact, it is a tradition across several civilization and tribes. People here get the ears pierced at a very young age. They believe that it is good and easy to get ear piercing done at a younger age. Reason being, the tissues are soft and does not causes so much pain.

Meanwhile, they forget the fact that kids are very sensitive. And if the process is not done carefully, ear piercing can turn into severe problem. Yes, it becomes a nightmare for both, parents and kids. Therefore, it is necessary to first learn how to get your kid’s ear pierced without causing any hassle. Checkout some important points here:

What is the right age for ear piercing for children?

Though there is no perfect age to get pierced, but experts advise that getting it at a much young age could cause a potential risk. As during the process, when skin is punctured, the chances of infection are high and as infants still have a developing immune system they are more prone to infection. Hence, don’t take them for piercing when they are too small. In age of 10-15, you can still consider it as a good time.

Which metal is best for children?

Now once you are done with the piercing, the biggest question is which metal to choose. Generally, for kids surgical stainless steel earrings are safe. As these do not contain nickel or any alloys, the chances of allergic reactions are low. Nickel and cobalt are among those metal which causes allergies, hence, it is recommended to avoid them as far as possible. The other safe options for ear piercings are platinum, titanium, and 14K gold.

Remember, the process is painful for the children. Some cannot tolerate it at all. Hence, you need to be aware of this fact and prepare for it. You can count on Dr.Numb® and use it for your child’s soft skin. While it will not let the process to be painful, it carries some essential and natural oils, making it super-effective in healing. Also, ensure to follow a proper after-care process.