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How Is Ear Piercing Done?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 23rd

How Is Ear Piercing Done?

Ear piercing is without any doubt one of the most common type of body piercing. Both men and women have equal craze for it. But do you know how it is done? Find out here.

You are already aware of the term- Ear piercing. It is popular and an attractive form of body piercing which is being loved in every corner of the world. In the traditional practices, it was a trend to pierce the baby's ear amidst the generation, and it was a part of celebrations.

While you will get many pieced detailing the aftercare for an ear piercing, you will hardly find information about how to get it done. So, in any case you are planning to get one, but are confused about the same, here is detailed information on this famous piercing type.

Basically, there are 2 main methods of ear piercing;

Manual Piercing: It is hardly anymore in practice these days. Being more painful, it was no less than a bloodier affair. Hence, hardly anyone would recommend you for this type of piercing.

Automated Gunshot Piercing: Thanks to science and technology for simplifying life up to this extent. The new method is the easiest, quickest and more of modern technique. It is highly popular nowadays and is a preferred method of choice among adults and children both, all due to its efficiency and safety.

You will easily find various types of gunshot for body piercing devices available these days. In fact, now it is easy to get pediatric as well as adult attachments for a variety of ear studs.

What is New About the ‘New Method’ of Piercing?

The good thing is that now you do not have to bring the ear rings from home. Yes, you will get a sterile specially designed ear rings from the piercer itself. Now, how safe things go will depend on your piercer’s choice, as he will show and advice you a selection of earrings. You can choose the one which fits into your budget.

For the little children, who are not old enough to make a good choice, their parents are allowed to choose the ear ring for the child. To get rid of the pain from the process, experts apply a local anesthetic cream, like Dr.Numb®. These creams are best in keeping pain out from the process and allow the experts to handle clients with comfort. For painless and safe ear piercing, it is must to use Dr.Numb®. Reason being, it is safe, natural and carries 5% lidocaine. It works by blocking pain signal and keeping area numb for a long while.

Few Other Points You Need to Know About Ear Piercing

  • In case, you have any allergy to metals, make sure to discuss it with your ENT Doctor before hand. Also, for the parents, if your child suffers from atopic dermatitis or eczema or atopy, don’t forget to share the same with the piercers.
  • Generally, it is best to be up to date on your tetanus injections.
  • Always mention in to your experts about any known allergy to any kind of medications

So, have a safe ear piercing!