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Dr.Numb Recipe for a Happy Easter Weekend

Posted by Ann V. On 2020 Apr 21st

Dr.Numb Recipe for a Happy Easter Weekend

Self-Quarantine Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Be Festive

So many of us celebrate Easter, one of the most important Christian holidays. It is a day that many wait for, always filled with laughter, family reunions, a feeling of enlightenment and joy. This year though, many are forced to spend the whole weekend at home, not being able to go outside, share their happiness with friends or even visit a church. Thus, we came up with some ideas on how to make this Easter weekend a bit more pleasant and interesting.

Do the cooking together

Does it happen to be that it’s usually just one or two people who do all the cooking? Make a change this year, and if you are sharing self-quarantine with the whole family, make sure that everyone gets engaged! If you are alone – do the video call cooking session! More fun, and definitely an opportunity to learn some secret recipes from other family members!

Watch online Easter service

As many churches are now closed for a visit, tune in for online Easter service broadcast, as some of the communities already started providing online services.

Get creative

Have some fun with your family, involving the youngest members in some games too! Apart from traditional egg hunting, try to implement some new games that you haven’t tried before! If you can’t buy a new game because the stores are closed, just use your imagination – and check the old stock, we are sure you will find something interesting there!

Take some time for yourself

Staying home for a long time can be – let’s be honest – pretty stressful. This holiday weekend, make sure to find some time for yourself. Do the whole beauty session to relax and pamper yourself. Whether it is a nice aromatic bath, an at-home dermarolling session or a full-scale facial – whatever feels better to you at this moment.

Dance together

When was the last time you got to dance with your family? As experts say, dancing provokes an increased production of endorphins, which make you happy! In these uncertain times, we all could use a bit more of happiness, so turn on your favorite melody and start moving with your beloved ones!

We realize that it may sound difficult to forget about the current difficulties, but we also believe that it is important to take some days slowly, relaxing and just spending time with our beloved ones( even if only by video call). Because we are stronger together.

Happy Easter!