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How Dr. Numb Makes Waxing Simple And Painless?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Feb 10th

How Dr. Numb Makes Waxing Simple And Painless?

Are you looking for the most effective way to reduce waxing pain? Then luckily, the safest and affordable solution has arrived. Checkout how you can control the discomfort of waxing!

Whether you are waxing your legs or any other parts of the body, you already know that it is a temporary hair removal method. Another constant fact as you are removing the hair from the root the process is going to be painful.

Actually, the process includes application of a sticky substance to skin. It is then the resin which binds hair to a strip of cloth and when yanked off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The best thing about the process is that the wax used in the method not only removes hair, but also the dead skin cells, leaving you with flawless and hairless skin surface.

Getting rid of waxing pain

Almost everyone loves and enjoys the after effects of waxing, but most of them fear for the pain caused during the process. Especially, if you are getting it done for the first time it can leave you in trauma. But now the biggest question arises- is there no such thing as pain free waxing?

Is there no way out to make the process bearable? Can the discomfort be overtaken? Well, the answer to these questions is Dr.Numb®.

How Dr.Numb® Helps?

Being a topical anaesthetic cream carries 5% lidocaine and is formulated to face the challenges of dermal pain management. With regular innovation and improvement, it has evolved out to be a highly-effective formula which addresses different and ever-changing needs of people.

Here is how it works;

You can use it for a variety of dermal applications including body piercing, laser tattoo removal, needle injections, tattooing, laser hair removal, body waxing, and several other dermatological procedures.

It is easily available over the counter, hence, you don’t need any doctor’s prescription to buy it or use it. This local anaesthetic when applied to the skin, immediately reduces the feeling of pain.

Actually, it produces numbness by blocking pain signals sent by the nerve endings on the skin. So, when you apply Dr.Numb® to the affected area, after few minutes you start feeling numbness in the area and then you can get the process done.

As stated, it is highly effective in numbing the skin; you can use it for preparation of various types of dermal procedure. It is said to work for more than three hours, which is enough to get the process done.

How to use Dr.Numb® for waxing?

The process to use Dr.Numb® is quite simple.

  • Firstly, clean the area where the cream needs to be applied. After washing the area with soap and water, dry it completely.
  • Now apply a thick layer of numbing cream to the area. You have to rub in gently and thoroughly.
  • After this, you can pace an additional thin layer of cream over the area to make waxing completely painless.
  • You can cover the cream with plastic wrap as the heat produced under the plastic wrap will help activate the cream significantly.
  • Now you can move to your parlour and get waxing done.

You need to know that it is manufactured in a state-of-the art FDA and GMP-compliant facility. Moreover, it is certified by Health Canada - a Federal Department in Canada. Hence, you can count on the product's safety and quality.