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Dos and Don'ts For Diabetic Patients

Posted by Ann V. On 2015 Sep 24th

Dos and Don'ts For Diabetic Patients

Termed as a condition, diabetes is resultant of excessive glucose in the blood. It simple creates a lack of insulin in your body, which helps in converting food to energy. The biggest problem with this disorder is that it cannot be cured completely. But, yes it can be kept under control following a healthy routine. Find out some necessary dos and don’ts for diabetic patients here.


it is not a major disease but yes, the increasing number of cases worldwide, have left the people in greater worries. It might be a small disruption in health condition in the beginning. But later on it can turn into a big problem, especially if not taken care of.

For most of the people controlling sugar seems to a difficult task. However, for those who are wise enough to manage their diet routines don’t fear from this much. With a comprehensive knowledge, it really becomes simple to lower and then manage sugar level. Here are dos and don’ts you can follow up to control sugar.

Let’s start with the foods you need to avoid!

Salt: Yes, this might surprise you. But, salt is the greatest offender for the increasing diabetic cases. The veggies you daily consume are to enough to add the salt requirement in inorganic form. Hence, you can reduce the intake of inorganic salt in order to control diabetes.

Sugar: This is already known to you. Sucrose, the table sugar is really harmful to your health. It just increases the level of calories and carbohydrates in your body. Moreover, calcium is required to digest the sucrose and insufficient sucrose intake further lead to deficiency of calcium in the bones. The solution is to consume sucrose with natural sugar options such as honey.

Fatty Foods: It is well known that the excessive fat intake is definitely not good for your health. And now when you are a diabetic, it can prove to be more harmful. Thus, say ‘no’ and exclude fried items from your diet totally.

Abolish Non-Vegetarian: If you really wish to make a considerable change in your sugar level, immediately stop the intake of red meat. Along this, decrease the consumption of eggs and poultry products. Go for vegetarian diet and you will see the change soon.

Milk And Dairy Products: Although it is said to be highly beneficial, yet for a diabetic it is good option to switch to low fat milk. Similarly, consider products like yogurt form of the low fat milk, replace high fat cheese with low fat cottage cheese, and so on.

Tea And Coffee: Having a cup or two will not affect. But, going for more than this will surely lead you to severe problem! Thus, avoid having the conventional tea or decaffeinated coffee every day. Instead, you can switch to the herbal teas. These are highly beneficial and don’t increase sugar level.

Now, its turn to look for the dos for diabetics

Bitter Gourd: It proves to be a great food item for those who are looking forward to cure diabetes. Having a high dosage of 'plant insulin', it significantly lowers the blood-sugar levels. You can consider having juice of three to four bitter gourds early morning on an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can use the seed powder of this magical vegetable, mix it with water and drink it daily.

Fenugreek: Another, common food used to control diabetes it can be used in different ways. You can soak the seeds overnight. Then filter the seeds and drink the water in which the seeds were soaked. Try gulping a teaspoonful of these seeds with lukewarm water. Also, you can have them sprouted, dried and powdered, mixed in wheat flour.

Garlic: For years, it has been used to lower blood-sugar levels. Being highly rich in potassium garlic also contains zinc and sulphur, which are components of insulin. Hence, you can daily add three to four flakes of freshly crushed garlic to your routine.

Increase Fiber Diet: It helps in slow digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. This further leads to slow and steady release of glucose in the body, which ideally soaks up excess of bile acids in the intestinal tract. These acids else will convert into blood cholesterol. Hence, try soluble fiber readily available in oatmeal, soya bean, apples, kidney beans, etc. to control diabetes.

To conclude, it is true up to a great extent that diabetes management is possible through dietary intervention. Moreover, it is the most effective way to boost the body combat and control diabetes in long term. Start with it today!