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Does Numbing Cream It Make You Feel Tired And Sleepy?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 17th

Does Numbing Cream It Make You Feel Tired And Sleepy?

It’s a common myth that numbing creams induce drowsiness. If applied correctly, following the standard instructions, numbing creams only help relieve skin discomfort caused due to painful cosmetic procedures, such as waxing or tattooing and do not cause drowsiness.

Numbing creams can be used for a number of different reasons. Most often, these creams are used to decrease the pain associated with elective and cosmetic body waxing, tattooing and piercing. If used correctly and in limited quantities, topical numbing creams are safe to use and do not produce any side-effects.

Chemical Make-Up of Numbing Creams

Most numbing creams use lidocaine or prilocaine as their active ingredients. Both are topical anesthetics and are used in minor cosmetic procedures, for combating the pain associated with them.

When used within limited quantities, following the standard instructions, these produce minimum to no side effects. Overdose or misuse of both, can however lead to lethal side-effects.

Most Common Numbing Cream Myths

Whether you prefer using numbing cream for waxing or tattooing procedure, there are a few myths floating out there about topical numbing creams:

The most common myth is that numbing creams produces a tired and sleepy.

While, most patients tolerate lidocaine well, overdoses of the same can certainly lead to a feeling of irregular heartbeat and drowsiness.

However, it should be noted that using topical use of limited quantities of lidocaine does not produce any side-effects.

The second myth is that the numbing creams interfere with skin cosmetic procedures.

Using large quantities of oil-based skin numbing creams can interfere with the elasticity of the skin and cause hindrance in certain cosmetic procedures.

Water-based numbing creams, however, do not interfere with the elasticity of the skin and are ideal for painless skin procedures.

Dr. Numb® – The Best Numbing Cream

A topical anesthetic cream with non-oil base, Dr. Numb® contains the purest and highest amount of Lidocaine as approved by the FDA.

It is by far the only water-based solution available in the market which does not interfere with the elasticity of the skin. Thus, making it safe to reduce the unnecessary pain caused due to various excruciating cosmetic procedures.