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Does Dr.Numb® Cream Work an All Skin Types?

Posted by Ann V. On 2015 Sep 28th

Does Dr.Numb® Cream Work an All Skin Types?

Thinking of getting a tattoo on your skin? Or fascinated by someone’s body piercing?

Getting those trendy looks is what everyone aspires to have now a days. But before you go for these body art, you should look for what skin type you have and whether the numb cream being used by tattoo artist or beautician would suit your skin type.

Even before buying a face wash for yourself, you do a survey of which one will suit to your skin type. If you have an oily skin type and you choose a face wash which is suitable for dry skin, it would turn out to be bizarre.
Similarly, we choose the right kind of clothes that we can fit into. So, same is the case when we go for beauty treatments or any sort of body art.

Why Numb Cream Is Important?

The problem doesn’t lie in getting a nice tattoo on your body or in getting your skin pierced. Problem lies with the numb cream that is applied to the skin. If you have a highly sensitive skin which can’t even bear a little itch then accordingly you need to choose the suitable cream.

Numbing creams play an important role since it minimizes the pain to a greater extent. While having biking wax done or body piercing, the pain is too much to be borne. Also in cases like post delivery, the pain is unbearable and usage of the numbing cream is not something you can do without.

Find out which skin type you have?

The best way to find out the right numb cream for you is to know the right skin type you have. Accordingly you can find what numb cream can suit your skin best without causing any side-effects.

It can be done with the help of a clean tissue paper. When you just wake in the morning, take the tissue paper and wipe it off your face.

Find out among the following what your tissue paper will reveal about your skin type.

No Traces Of Oil On The Tissue Paper : Normal Skin

Well congratulations you have the best skin type that is a normal skin. No excessive oil, no acne, no pimple, no blackheads.

After you wipe off the tissue in the morning, your skin would be completely oil free and would look vibrant and glowing. This skin type is the easiest to deal with. This will help you in finding the numb cream which caters to the needs of normal skin type.

Flaky And Tight After Tissue Wipe: Dry skin

In the case the tissue paper is still dry but your skin is also too dry and tight after wiping off, that means you have a dry skin.

Dry skin is vulnerable to wrinkles, pores and irritation. It may make you look younger till prolonged age but you need to take care of it regularly by applying moisturizers and dry skin masks.

Excess of oil on the tissue paper: Oily Skin

If after wiping off the tissue, the paper is full of facial oil and you can notice lot of oil near your cheek, nose and forehead area then undoubtedly, you have a skin that is easily prone to pimples and acne that means you have an oily skin type.

The advantage for oily skin is that it doesn’t get wrinkled so easily. But the person with oily skin has to very careful in taking care of it. Cut off the excess carbohydrate and avoid moisturizing too much. To avoid the greasy and shiny look you need to clean it at least 2 or 3 times in a day.

Oil at Only Nose And Forehead Areas: Combination Skin

Most women are found with this skin type. The tissue after wiping off the face will have oil from the nose and forehead but you will find your cheeks totally oil free.

Since your skin type has both oily and dry patches so you need to care accordingly and also find out the numbing cream that suits your skin type.

Very Dry And Too Tight: Sensitive Skin

This is the most difficult skin type to be tackled with because it is easily prone to spots, itching and reddishness.

It is sometimes too difficult to get the right products for this skin type.

Dr Numb’s Cream : For All Skin Types

Dr Numb’s cream is widely accepted and used for making the skin insensitive towards the pain experienced during various skin treatments. It contains the right amount of chemicals which can work on all skin types without experiencing any pain.

Lidocaine is used in this cream which acts as an anesthetic and numbs the portion it is applied to.
The amount of Lidocaine used in the cream is just 5% which has been approved by FDA and considered fit for clinical use.

This much usage doesn’t cause any allergies to any skin type or any sort of infections in the blood.
So, Dr Numb’s cream works miraculously well for all the skin types. Be it oily skin, dry or highly sensitive skin, Dr Numb’s cream is found to work wonders for all of them.
Persons of all skin types can use this without even a second thought.