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What are the different ways to treat dry skin problem?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 24th

What are the different ways to treat dry skin problem?

Summary: Dry skin is among those medical conditions which have affected everyone’s life. It can be due to skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or it can be due to changing weather. But what here is more important, you need to start with the treatment sooner. Explore some simple things to do.

Are you dealing with dry skin for long time now? Even the best moisturizer fails to help in treating your skin problem? Well, then there are good chances that your skin will sooner turn itchy, flaky, tight, and will make you more uncomfortable.

You read in the last post that there is no single answer to what causes dry itchy skin. It can vary from the changing of the seasons, water, the sun, heat, and even the air. Definitely, it appears like there is no running away from it, but the good news is that you can avoid it, or better say, at least control it if you understand what causes it. Therefore, here is something important and helpful in treating the problem, as per the cause. Have a look;

Moisture-Robbing Soaps

Those harmful soaps cause greater damage to your skin. Hence, it is recommended using a mild and fragrance-free soap which not only cleanses, but it also moisturizes. Whether you use a bar or liquid, it doesn't matter much. The important thing is to choose a soap which is formulated with natural ingredients and is safe on skin.

Harsh Skin Treatment:

You need to go soft on your skin. Even when scrubbing or exfoliating, makes sure you use soft hands or a soft washcloth instead. All you need to do is clean it as abrasive sponges would do, without roughing up your skin. Be careful and safe.

Growing Age:

If you want to smooth out the years, do it in a way that it doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. Though, you can't turn back the clock, yet there are different ways using which you can minimize aging signs.

For a simple start, you can consider having a generous rub off a rich face and body cream. While this will help reduce wrinkles, it will also help fight while you relieve dryness. You can count on ingredients like alpha-hydroxyl acids and retinol.

Winter Weather:

You cannot escape from this reason, but following some simple tips you can seriously prevent skin from the effects of winters. Simply, install a humidifier in your home. It will be helpful in keeping air moist. You can set the humidity at a constant 45% to 55%. And remember, before you step outside in winter weather, have your own moisture barrier. From your lips, faces, to hands, protect your most sensitive parts with scarf and gloves.

Steamy Showers:

No doubt, standing under that hot spray for longer period relieves you from chilly winter days. But do you know the longer you linger in the shower, more you make your skin prone to dryness. Thus, it is advised top dial down the shower temperature to lukewarm. Along with this, try to keep showers short. Generally, five minutes shower would be enough to get clean without over-drying.


Use chemical free products. Whether it is about cleaning, moisturizing, scrubbing or for any other purpose, the key essential point is to keep your skin free from irritants. For this, pick products which are labeled fragrance- free or dye-free. You can also go for those which are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Health Concerns:

If dry and red skin is the reason behind dry skin, see your doctor to discover and treat the problem. If it is psoriasis or scabies, the solution lies in taking a medication or using a prescription cream like Dr. Scabies, at the earliest.