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What are Different Types of Body Piercing that I Can get on my Body?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 8th

What are Different Types of Body Piercing that I Can get on my Body?

There are many different types of body piercing options nowadays and it’s being done on almost any and every body part. Knowing different pain levels, risks and healing difficulties with each piercing is vital. You can choose not only the placement that will suit your body but also the Jewellery that has the best chance to heal your piercing.

Here are types of piercing that you can get on your body:

Ear Piercings:

Ear piercing are among the most common body piercing. Most ear piercings heal relatively quickly and do not put a lot of stress on the immune system during healing. But piercing of cartilage can take longer to heal and are prone to infection. There are many different ear piercing to choose from like – Anti-Tragus piercing, Auricle piercing, Daith piercing, Ear lobe piercing, Ear weaving, Forward pinna, Helix piercing, Industrial piercing, Orbital piercing, Pinna piercing, Rook piercing, Scaffold piercing, Snug piercing, Tragus piercing, Transverse lobe piercing.

Facial Piercings:

Facial piercing are very popular and among the most prominent piercing that gets noticed immediately. Facial piercing are of two type’s non-oral and oral piercing. Non-oral piercing is done on the surface of facial skin and oral piercing is done in mouth or in nasal passage. Most facial piercing heal rapidly due to the blood flow that your face receives. They can leave scars if not done properly. Facial piercing includes – Anti Eyebrow piercing, Cheek piercing, Earl piercing, Eyebrow piercing, Nose piercing, Septum piercing.

Oral Piercings:

Oral piercings are piercing done in the mouth - they are painful but tend to heal fairly quickly in about one month if you are a non-smoker. The most popular oral piercing is tongue piercing. Frowny piercing, Smiley piercing, Tongue piercing, Tongue venom piercing, Tongue Web piercing is known as oral piercings.

Body / Surface Piercings:

All piercings are known as ‘body piercings’ but the piercings that are placed on the body opposed to face, ear, genitals are known as body surface piercings. Belly button piercings are the most popular piercing in this category. Body piercing requires a little more care than ear or facial piercings but they generally heal very well. Body surface piercing includes – Belly Button piercing, Inverse navel piercing, Nape piercing, Nipple piercing, Sternum/Cleavage piercing, Vampire bite piercing, corset piercing, Madison piercing.

It is advised to follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your piercer. In case if you have allergies or medical conditions that might impact healing, do discuss the matter with your doctor before piercing. You can also go for a numbing cream if you want to avoid pain caused during piercing; numbing cream can numb the area to be pierced so that you don’t really feel the pain that needle piercing through your skin would otherwise feel.