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Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jul 28th


Do you know there are several ways to get your nose pierced?

As far as the most common type of nose piercing is concerned, it is the nostrils piercing. However, in the recent years, there have been observed a rise in popularity of septum piercings too. No matter which nose piercings you desire, it is first very important to know about the different styles. Later, you can analyze as per your face, what will beautify your face more.

Here is a list of nose piercing styles you need to know;

  1. Septum piercing: If you have been looking for the best style, certainly septum piercings are kind of the superstars of the nose piercing family. In the world of fashion, these are considered to be the most versatile style of piercing and it can be flipped easily out of view. Plus, you can get it gauged. The only bad thing about septum piercings is that these are not always easy to achieve. You need to follow up some expert’s advice before getting it done.
  2. Nostril piercing: Being the most traditional and common nose piercing, it is situated just above the crease where your nostril curves gently separate from your cheek. It consists of a single hole and can be done on either side of the nose. Some also believe that it coincides with female reproductive organs, i.e. it helps in easing birthing as well as menstrual cycles.
  3. High nostril piercing: Don’t confuse it with the former one. It is a variation and is placed a little high, making it bit more unique. Being an ideal way to combine or layer nose piercings, it becomes more striking and elegant option.
  4. Vertical tip piercings: Have you heard about the rhino look? Yes, the same corresponds to the vertical tip piercing. For those who look for a unique and fairly rare nose piercing, this one suits all your need. Running vertically through your skin, this piercing got its name. Getting it from above the tip of the nose to just under the tip of the nose, it looks amazing.
  5. Septril piercings: When gauged septum and half of a vertical tip is combined, it forms out the septril piercing. Certainly, it is a delicate piercing and the process takes years of dedication to achieve. The simple reason is that gauging of a septum is a time-intensive practice.
  6. Nasallang piercing: If you have been yearning for a pretty intense style, nasallang is the right option. It looks pretty much the same as two evenly placed nostril piercings. Basically, it is a tri-nasal piercing, which includes penetration of jewelry on both lower nostrils as well as the septum.
  7. Bridge piercings: Another pretty cool option, Bridge styles is technically classified as surface piercing. Reason being, they do not puncture cartilage or bone and they are more susceptible to migration. Actually, your body pushes a piercing closer to the skin's surface, especially during the healing period. And in case of bridge piercing, this is highly common incidence.

Lastly, you need to know that whatever style you choose, it will cause some amount of pain. While the level of pain can be different for different styles, but, yes it is painful. However, you can escape it easily applying Dr.Numb® cream. It is a topical anesthetic cream with 5% lidocaine and can make you skin numb for several hours.

So, apply it before getting pierced and you can get your piercing done.