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Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jan 11th


Summary: Are you aware of the different types of bikini wax? Yes, there are multiple ways to get a clean and hairless bikini line. Find out the details here.

If you desire for a nice, clean bikini line, waxing is certainly the best solution. It is a great option for all your hair removal needs. It leaves you with a smooth and hairless finish, along with the results which would last much longer than shaving.

So, whether you're planning for a vacation or having a beach party, performing a bikini wax will help you go hairless. But which waxing style you should choose? Brazilian, French or American?

Yes, there exist different types of bikini wax styles. Now you must be wondering what these exactly mean? Or how is one type different from the other? Before you make a booking for any of them, it is important to know about these in advance.

Regular Bikini Wax: It is the simplest form of waxing and preferred by those who just want to remove hair from both sides of the bikini line.

Full Brazilian: It is famous with several other names such as Bare Pubic Style, Sphinx Style, and Hollywood Bikini Style. It is a preferred pubic style and focuses on the genital area, including removal of hair from areas around the perineum, vagina, and anus. It does not necessarily involve complete hair removal and you can even leave a simple landing strip.

Brazilian Wax: It is popular by the name ‘Playboy Style’, and generally involves removing hair from the buttocks, anus, and vulva. In this case, a very narrow strip on the vagina is left. No doubt, it is the most attractive bikini style.

French Wax: This one is also known as modified bikini wax, and it is done in a similar way as the other bikini styles are done. Removing more hair than a regular bikini wax, it just leaves with an attractive strip.

Landing Strip: Do you want that attractive strip, known as the landing strip? Being very common, it is now becoming popular among those who look for bikini wax. So, you can have a bit of pubic hair in the front center and enjoy a comfortable style.

So, when you are well known to the differences between a French wax, landing strip, regular bikini wax, and full Brazilian bikini wax, you can choose one as per you need. Also, make sure when you go for removing unwanted pubic hair you take a numbing cream along with you. You can consider Dr.Numb®. It causes a numbing sensation which lasts for 3 to 4 hours easily and thus, you can carry out the process without the fear of pain.