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I Have Diabetes & Find Injections Very Painful. Is There Any Numbing Cream That Would Help?

Posted by Ann V. On 2014 Sep 13th

I Have Diabetes & Find Injections Very Painful. Is There Any Numbing Cream That Would Help?

A diabetic patient needs to be emotionally and physically strong. Their main concern is maintaining ideal levels of insulin in the blood stream, for which they may have to take regular insulin shots. If you too are diabetic, and fearful of injections, try Dr. Numb®, it is safe for diabetic patients, and will not let you feel the slightest pinch from the injection.

People who suffer from diabetes know why insulin injections become an important element of their existence. However, there are many patients, who also have a phobia of needles and detest the application of insulin.

Receiving insulin shots every day is obviously not an easy task. No one wants to tolerate such pain every day, for the rest of their life.

However, diabetic experts suggest the use of anesthetic creams for a painless and relaxing experience. Dr. Numb® is one of the most trusted brands of numbing cream, prescribed for diabetic patients, who wish to eliminate their daily suffering.

Dr. Numb® – Medically Prescribed for Diabetic Patients

Applying Dr. Numb® anesthetic cream on the selected area of the skin (chosen for injection) will make the epidermis go numb for a short time. When the injection needle will pierce through the skin, not a tinge of pain will be felt.

Dr. Numb® has the highest amount of Lidocaine approved by FDA – it is a powerful and effective anesthetic agent, used for painful medical procedures such as vaccination, immunizations and even for piercing or tattooing.

It is recommended by professionals around the globe. It is a non-prescription drug and readily available over-the-counter. You can simply follow the instructions given with the pack and keep the pain at bay.