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Why Derma rolling is More Tempting Skin Treatment?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 20th

Why Derma rolling is More Tempting Skin Treatment?

Among all the dermal processes, Dermarolling is one of the most famous techniques. While for some it is about youthful skin, to others it can be a solution to get rid of scars. Whatever your reason is, it is first essential to learn about the process in detail.

Young and beautiful skin is not only your dream. Everyone craves for it, and for this they try out with different solutions. Ranging from those expensive skin care products to those hi-tech laser therapies, people have left no stone unturned.

If you are also among the same crowd, you must know about dermarolling. Basically, it is a process which makes use of a device with surgical needles all over it. When used on your skin, it helps producing thousands of microscopic needle holes in the dermis. You can compare it to a process which would be quite painful, but it produces amazing results.

How Dermarolling works?

As stated earlier, derma rollers work by forming tiny punctures on your skin. It is used in order to repair cell repair and cause regeneration. Now it is up to you how much pressure you want to apply while rolling the derma roller over your skin.

Initially, it needs to be moved with a slight pressure. Reason being, there are spooky needles present and applying greater pressure can cause greater harm. Beauticians all over the world are using the derma technology as it stimulates collagen production. Derma rollers help to repair the skin and also improve the appearance of scars, blemishes and marks on the face. You can use serums and creams for your skin type with derma rollers for deeper penetration. Before you take the process to the next step, read the book of direction which you usually get at the time of purchase.

How to start with the process?

When you are starting with the process, remember you have to run derma rollers in all the directions, covering the entire face. You can start it from right to left, moving from top to bottom rolling around, and with slight pressure.

Then you can consider moving it diagonally over the lips and make sure you don’t keep the needles over your lips for too long. Generally, you can continue doing the same for 40 minutes. However, if it seems too painful, you can stop after 15-20 minute. When you are done with it, clean your face gently with a cleaning towel. Your skin might look slightly red and swollen. But you don’t need to worry, give your skin some time to calm down.

A word of precaution!

As the needles get inside your skin, it can be painful. You can still choose it for better skin. How? With the help of numbing solution!

Yes, you can use Dr.Numb®. It is one of the best topical anesthetic numbing creams available over the counter. It carries 5% lidocaine and essential natural ingredients. It is safe to use on skin and works magically. Just apply it before you start, and you can enjoy painless dermarolling. All the best!