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Derma rolling- Now make a difference to your skin

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 19th

Derma rolling- Now make a difference to your skin

Derma Rollers are the most ideal gadget to use for getting beautiful and younger looking skin. Find out more details regarding derma rolling into this informative article.

Are you searching for a process which stimulates and regenerates the skin naturally and safely?

Derma rolling is the answer to your search. Basically, it is a method which leads to rejuvenation of the skin, creating numerous microscopic channels through the skin. While this process causes formation of tissues by activating your body’s wound healing cascade, the formation of micro channels leads to the release of growth factors which promotes healing. In fact, it promotes deposition of collagen replacing than scar collagen.

How derma rolling works?

Derma rolling is carried out with the help of a skin-needling device which comes with many surgical needles. Now the device can be of different needle sizes, ranging from length between 0.5 to 1.5 mm in length and around 0.1 mm in diameter. This device is used for various reasons, including treatment for skin problems like acne, scars, treating hair loss, and as an anti-aging device reducing the signs of aging. However, it is more popular for getting flawless skin easily.

When derma roller is used by professionals, hundreds of micro needles which are present in the surface of the roller are used to puncture the surface of the skin. While the roller is moved up down, on different parts of the skin on the face, it causes injuries to skin surface. Now in order to fill injuries, the treated skin starts producing collagen, and this helps beautifying your skin.

So, finally the excess collagen makes you skin automatically looks plumed up, reducing the appearance of fine lines and filling up the scars. Moreover, such a treatment also improves the blood circulation in the skin, helping your skin to glow naturally.

How to carry out derma rolling at home?

Before you start with derma rolling, you need to pick the right needle size which suits your skin requirement. You can consult an expert if required. When you have the right device, you can begin the process by moving the roller up and down on the affected area.

Firstly, you need to clean your face with a mild face wash, followed by application of a good quantity of serum. After few minutes, start applying a required amount of pressure to roll out the device. But make sure you don’t exert more pressure as it can be quite painful if you press too hard. Plus, this might take more time for the pokes to heal, if you apply too much pressure.

As far as frequency of usage is concerned, it can be once or twice a week.

Are there any side-effects of derma rolling?

While the entire treatment appears to be a beautifying experience, however, sometimes it might lead to side effects such as pain and bleeding. You need to do it very carefully.

And for pain, you can switch to any topical anesthetic cream. For instance, Dr.Numb®, one of the leading numbing solutions available in the market. It is a lidocaine based cream which is well-known for making dermal processes like tattooing, piercing, and even minor surgeries painless. Actually, it works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings and hence, is appropriate to make it pain free for you.