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Derma Roller: A Device to Achieve Flawless Skin!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 30th

Derma Roller: A Device to Achieve Flawless Skin!

Do you have scars?

Dealing with stretch marks?

Or those wrinkles and fine lines are making your appear dull?

Well, these are some of the common skin problems almost everyone is dealing with. You might have tried of several skin treatment solutions so far. But have you considered using skin needling to roll out and renew those damaged skin cells? Sound interesting?

Basically, it is called as derma rolling which carried out with the help of a device- derma roller.

What is a derma roller and how it works?

Basically, it is a device made of medical grade needles attached to a cylindrical rolling mechanism. It consists of various kinds of needles, varying from 0.25mm to 2.5mm in size, for optimal treatment on the skin. This device is said to cause little wonders work by making minute "wounds" on the outermost layer of your skin. By creating these wounds, it forces the body go into healing mode and produce more of the much-needed collagen. When increased collagen is produced using these tools, it helps to fill out fine lines and those shallow pitted scars.

It is the magical results which have made people go crazy for this treatment. Nowadays you can get them in various brands, prices, and needle lengths. One thing you need to know about this process is that it can be painful. Yes, as it includes insertion of needles, it will cause some amount of pain. The amount of pain can vary from person to person, depending on the person’s skin quality, needle length, pressure applied, and several other factors.

How derma roller benefits your skin?

The device is of great use. Below are listed top 6 uses which will make you fall in love with it:

It Helps Boosting Collagen Production

After using derma roller on your skin, you will see a major improvement in your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Actually, with the growing age number, due to collagen depletion, your skin becomes loose and saggy. But when you use derma roller, it counteracts by stimulating the production of new collagen. Hence, it leads to an increase of elastin in a natural way.

It Fight Back Deep Wrinkles and fine lines

Using derma roller on your skin helps in production of collagen. It is the same collagen which then acts as fillers. Thus, it significantly reduces facial lines and wrinkle, meanwhile boosting skin’s elasticity.

It Reduces Acne Scars

Do you fear of lots of pimple? And also from those deep fissure which they leave behind? Yes, those scars are scary. But with the help of collagen production you will be able to improve the skin’s appearance. All you need to do is undergo few derma roller treatment sessions and you will be amazed to see the results.

It Trim Down Stretch Marks

Dealing with stretch marks? Not to worry! You can easily get rid of these with help of derma roller. As it can restore collagen, it will help improving the appearance of stretch marks too.

It Helps Curing Hair Loss

Do you know dermal Roller can help with hair fall?

Actually, it can easily stimulate the growth factors which are responsible for production of new follicles. So, you can expect better hair growth after having few derma roller sessions.

It Is A Budget-friendly Option

There are several options like peels, laser and microdermabrasion. But these might put a hole into your pocket. Reason being, these would charge you somewhere around $100 per treatment. On the other hand, stimulating collagen production with derma roller would cost under $30.