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Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 18th


Considering all the cosmetic market of the world, Skincare rules the market with 34.1% share and percentage of the girls coming under the age of 8 to 18 wearing makeup is as high as 58%.One can easily come to a conclusion with these figures that how these expensive cosmetics have embraced the people.

It’s pretty much understandable that one likes to look as good as possible but does investing on expensive cosmetics a wise decision? Kudos to Dr. Des Fernandes and the technology which is improving day by day and have delivered us with Derma roller- A simple plastic roller device with tiny needles to rejuvenate your skin naturally and effectively.

Switching from expensive cosmetics to derma roller will definitely give you a new lease of life.

Working of Derma roller

While Derma roller will look like a plant of cactus which you will be afraid to come in contact with, but trust me, the pain encountered will be negligible but it depends on your threshold. If you are pain sensitive, you can use any effective numbing cream.

How does it work? Imagine yourself lifting a heavy weight and your capability to lift more heavy weight increase day by day. Why so? Actually, lifting heavy weight cause tear in your muscles, thereby increasing the strength of muscle, making them strong.

Derma roller does the same job. The device is rolled down to your skin and pins attached to it puncture your skin because of which a protein made up of amino-acids oozes out, which is helpful for your healthy skin. So, it is actually faking the skin by creating a short-term wound, thereby inviting the protein called Collagen, which will do its task to strengthen your skin than ever before.

Now you might be aware about how derma roller works, so let’s get familiar with some facts of Derma roller:

  • Skin Care products absorption- Experience the Topsy-Turvy Change

Mostly all the expensive cosmetics you use in daily life just give you a nocebo effect and it actually does not penetrates into the skin.

Once the treatment with derma roller is done, it will help the skin care products to get absorbed by the skin, giving you a smoother and younger look.

  • Chopping off the wrinkles and scars

The birth of the collagen on application of derma roller acts as a stimulus to your wrinkle and scar free skin.

The protein that collagen ejects helps to tighten your skin, thereby filling up the facial lines and wrinkles.

  • Variation in Needle size

The primary difference between varieties of derma rollers available is the size of pins that they carry, so it becomes important to know which size is best for your application as different size will have different effect on your skin and by choosing the wrong one you might end up hurting yourself.

The different sizes of pins and their applications are as follows:

  1. 25mm derma roller: Intended to increase the absorption of your cosmetic products and it won’t cause any pain.
  2. 50mm derma roller: Will help to treat the peripheral damage and can cause some minimum pain.
  3. 75 to 1.00mm derma roller: To get rid of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, this size is ideal for you. It can cause redness and bleeding.
  4. 50 to 3.00mm derma roller: It is a painful and bloody treatment used to treat severe scars and stretch marks.
  • For your care, don’t share

When you use derma roller on your skin, it comes in contact with the bacteria traveling in your skin, so you might not be interested to exchange the bacteria of someone with yours.

So, its advised to you use one derma roller per person.

  • Reduced Large Pores

As you know, pores are the small openings which release oil on the surface. With help of derma roller, collagen comes in contact with the pores and shrinks them and it slightly improve the appearance of the pores.

People often get confused with scars and pores. Pores are something which is defined genetically, so derma rollers can just help you to reduce the size of the pores, not eradicate them fully.

  • Low Recovery Time

Derma rollers have very low recovery time of 2 to 7 days as compared to chemical peels and laser treatments, which besides being expensive also takes around 2 to 8 weeks to recover.

  • Low Side Effects

Unlike other treatments to rejuvenate skin which brings along them the side effects such as pain, inflammation, bleeding and irritation, Derma roller hardly have any such side effects on the body. You will just observe little redness and peeling which will vanish in 2 to 7 days.

Go gift your skin this New Year, an inexpensive yet most effective treat- “DERMAROLLER”.