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How to Deal with the Fear of Ear Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Feb 14th

How to Deal with the Fear of Ear Piercing?

Are you scared of piercing pain? If yes, these simple strategies help you overcome the fear of ear piercing. 

Ear piercing is the common piercing type and is popular among both women and men. However, it can’t be denied that most people have fear of pain while having their very first piercing. A sight of piercing needle makes them uncomfortable and shivered with the fear.

However, earlobe piercing is one of the least painful piercings. If you are not enough confident to face the session, these strategies will help you to deal with the fear of the piercing pain.

Prepare Yourself Mentally:

First of all, you should stay positive about ear piercing. You can think about different piercing styles rather than being taking away by the pain. Imagine that you are looking cool with the beautiful earring. Meanwhile, you can think about the aftercare. Listen to high temp music and talk to you friend about piercing to distract yourself from the pain factor. Keep yourself engaged in checking out new styles so that the “fear of pain” can’t dominate you.

Know Which Style Looks Great on You:

You can browse Internet to explore various piercing styles you can choose from. It will make you so excited that you tend to forget about your fear.

Use Numbing Cream:

You can use topical numbing cream to reduce your pain occurring from an ear piercing. A numbing cream like NumbSkin will dull you nerve endings so that you feel less or no pain during ear piercing. Shop NumbSkin for a painless piercing now!

Get it Done from a Good and Experienced Piercer:

An experienced piercer is familiar with the clients’ state of mind, especially if they are beginners. Therefore, he will carry out the process in a way so that a client feels less pain as possible. Ask your friend or explore Internet for reviews to find the right piercing artist. After choosing an artist, visit the studio before an appointment to review the safety standards and hygienic practices there.

Ask Your Friend His or Her Piercing Experience:

Ask your friends their experience of being pierced. Hearing from your friend that ear piercing is not so painful will ease your fear, encouraging you for that.

Ask for Friend’s Company during Piercing:

With your friend’s encouragement and motivation, you can face the piercing session easily. Their company really matters when you are supposed to be fearing and anxious before the session.

Other Strategies You Can Try to Ease Your Fear of Piercing:

  • Squeeze the stress ball and take deep breaths to stay calm and relaxed
  • Play a game on your phone and read a magazine to distract yourself
  • You can also think some funny incident or the worse situation of your life you faced with courage.

So, these are the strategies you can use to ease you fear of piercing. Remember, ear piercing is not painful as compared to the other variants of body piercing. You can easily tolerate it. Make sure to follow the aftercare instructions after your piercing.