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How to Deal With Your EAR PIERCING FEAR?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 2nd

How to Deal With Your EAR PIERCING FEAR?

Learn here how to deal with your ear piercing fear.

Whereas ear piercing is common and popular piercing style, many people drop down the idea of getting it just because of the fear of pain. Their fear can be justified as the sight of needle penetrating the skin can disturb anyone, let alone taking it.

And it is equally true that ear piercing is not that painful. Your fear and concern add to your pain. Remember, you feel it for few seconds as the needle goes through the ear lobe in one go.

Here we have listed some simple tips to keep in mind to remain calm while getting ear piercing.

Prepare Yourself:

If you are mentally prepared for the piercing, it will be easy for you to get it. Instead of being conscious about the pain all the time, you can think of the type of piercing. Spend your time in exploring the ear ring styles to be diverted from anxiety. You can listen to high temp music and talk to your friend about piercing. Ask your friends how they felt while getting piercing. It will give you strength to face your fear of pain.

Check Out the Ear Piercing Looks:

Know which ear piercing style will look good on you. It will make you excited about ear piercing while letting you free from the fear of pain.

Find a Good and Experienced Piercing Artist:

A good piercing artist knows how to make you comfortable with the ear piercing. You can ask friends for references and do research over Internet to find such artists. See how they are reviewed on their website or social media. Check out their working hours and prices before making an appointment. Make sure they follow safety standards and operate in hygienic condition.

Have a Word with Piercer:

You can talk to your piercer about the pain involving in the ear piercing. He can tell you about that and assure you that you feel no pain. He also provides you a set of instructions to take care of your pierced ear.

Ask Your Friend to Accompany You:

A motivation from your friend will encourage you to brave the fear of piercing, especially when you feel nervous.

Use Numbing Cream:

Using numbing cream is the best idea to tame the fear of piercing. Numbing cream reduces your pain occurring during the piercing as it dulls the pain receptors for some time. It will give you a confidence to face the piercing session.

Relaxation Methods:

  • Squeeze the stress ball
  • Take deep breathing to keep yourself calm.
  • Play game on your phone
  • Read the Magazines and Books.
  • Think something funny or the worse situation of your life you overcome with courage.

With the help of these strategies, you can deal with the fear of ear piercing. We want to remind you again that ear piercing is not that painful and you can tolerate it. Make sure to follow the piercing aftercare steps after getting the piercing. All the best!