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Create Your Own DIY Skincare Routine

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 12th

Create Your Own DIY Skincare Routine

Are you tired of unappealing and dehydrated skin that irritates you constantly? Are you struggling for finding the right products that work well for your skin? Read on to know some ‘natural’ secrets that can do wonders for you.

With an increase in the evidences that beauty products these days contain unwanted components and harsh chemicals, people are now turning to natural and DIY skincare routine. Thanks to the abundant recipes available by which you can create your own skincare products including cleansers, moisturizers, and much more! If you want to create your own DIY skincare routine, which is more economical and safer, keep scrolling down for the tips!

Oil is the New Cleanser for You

Whether your skin is oily or dry, oil cleansing will definitely suit you! However, it works best for those with oily skin.There are a ton of raw oils available in the market, such as sunflower and coconutthat you can use to cleanse your skin with. Get the right combinations of oils according to your skin typeallowing them to purge out all the impurities and leaving you with clear, supple skin!

Use Raw, Organic Products

While you can get your entire skincare ingredient list at the grocery stores, it’s important to check their labels and composition too. Make sure whether the products you purchasing are 100% organic or raw to completely achieve the benefits of the products, or else they will just be filled with as much chemicals as your old skincare products.

Honey – your new BFF

Every woman believes in “getting at the least expense” and for them having a multi-purpose product is the best. What if you have a product that can be used as a face mask, a cleanser, a spot treatment, and a moisturizer? Excited? Make Honey as your new best friend in your DIY skincare routine and feel relaxed. The anti-bacterial and hydrating properties of honey are excellent for nourishing skin and clearing out your skin pores!

Zap away your acne with ICE

Both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are known to cause skin dryness and can lead to irritation and pimples on your skin. As a healthier alternative to calm down your acne, just rub a few ice cubes on your face for a few minutes. While it might look red at first, once it calms down, it will be less visible!

Combine Face Oils

Mild face oils make excellent moisturizers, just like the oil cleansing method. They can also be used as hair treatments in order to soothe irritated skin, and much more! Substitute your costly moisturizers for a few drops of any face oil to hydrate, protect, and nourish your facial skin for a perfectly balanced complexion!

More Tips for Daily Skin Care Routine at Home

The above steps can get you a beautiful and glowing skin. However, you should also add some other important tips to take care of your skin at home for getting permanent pretty skin.

  1. Follow your skin care routine every day and strictly. Irregular efforts cannot give you the expected skin level that you wish and can cause danger to your skin.
  2. Reduce your stress as it harms the beauty of your skin greatly.
  3. Never sleep with makeup because the chemicals present in the makeup you apply can greatly damage your skin. Also, use gentle, pH-neutral or baby remover to get rid of your makeups.
  4. You must sleep upto 9 hours a day.
  5. Avoid bad habits, including drinking, smoking or drugging. These habits make your skin dark, dry or premature aging for these bad habits.
  6. You must drink lots of water, about 8 glasses a day. It keeps the health and skin hydrated leaving you with feather-like soft skin.
  7. Take a walk for atleast 30 minutes a day. Breathe in fresh air. You can open your windows for this or you can go for a natural movement in the morning or evening. Fresh air keeps your mind fresh that indirectly beautifies your skin.