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What You Need to Consider Before Body Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 19th

What You Need to Consider Before Body Piercing?

Here are the things you should ponder over before body piercing.

From ear, nose, belly button to genitals, there are hundreds of body piercings right from head to below the belt. Some get it to look stylish. Some get it out of their ritual or custom. Whatever your reason to get a body piercing, you should consider the placement, visibility, pain and other factors.

So sit back and relax. Consider these factors before your body piercing.

Do You Want to Flaunt Your Piercing?

Do you want to keep your piercing visible? Some of the “easy-to-flaunt” piercings are lip piercing, cheek piercings, eyebrow piercings and ear piercings.

Some people get piercing on less visible areas like belly button, tongue, nipple and genitals. Sometimes the visibility of piercing can be problematic if your workplace dress code is strict about that.

The point is here to know the purpose behind the piercing.

Choose a Right Piercing Artist:

Always prefer skilled and experienced tattoo artist. Make sure to visit the studio to take a note of their practices a day before your appointment. See if they are hygienically doing the things. Are they cleaning the equipment before and after the piercing.

How to Deal with Pain?

Needless to tell that body piercing hurt you. The pain varies from person to person based on one’s pain threshold. Then, the placement of piercing also determines the pain level due to the presence of nerve endings and flesh. For example, the least painful areas for piercing are ear lobes, navel, eye brow, septum and nostril. But getting piercing on nipple, conch and genital will hurt you.

Again, pain is an inevitable part of the process. If pain haunts you, use topical anesthetic like Dr.Numb®. It is a numbing cream which dulls your skin for a few hours. And you don’t feel anything happening to your skin.

Think About Your Post Piercing Look:

Piercing changes your look, just like a haircut. Therefore, think over how you will look after getting a certain piercing. Will it suit your face? Wearing fake accessories is an easy way to predict your post piercing look. These accessories are easily clipped onto various body parts. Check your look in the mirror from the different angles how you’re looking with jewelry. Besides, you can take your photos and share them to friends what they think on your look. This way, you can predict how you’re going to look with an actual piercings.

Talk to APP Certified Piercer:

APP or Association of Professional Piercers helps you know everything about piercing, from safe piercings to the laws.

Have You Taken YourParent’s Consent? What About State Laws?

You should obey your state’s laws for the body modification and arts including piercing and tattooing. Some U.S. states have made it compulsory for minors to get parent’s approval for piercing.

Soreness and Pain are Obvious:

The pain will go away quickly, though you experience mild soreness, redness and swelling for 2 days afterwards. However, if redness and swelling persist for longer, see your doctor as it may be the sign of piercing.

By keeping these things in mind, you can ensure yourself a great piercing experience. All the best!