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Common Nose Piercing Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 17th

Common Nose Piercing Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

From piercing pain to jewelry, here we have answered all questions regarding nose piercing.

Here are the most asked questions about nose piercing we round up. Hope you find here the one you always wanted to know.

How long will it take my piercing to heal?

Generally, nose piercing takes six months or even a year to be healed completely. It happens because piercing doesn’t happen at once as it starts from the different portion of your wound in “on and off” pattern. For example, your pierced area may seem fully healed, but it can be turned red, sore or draining any time. So, you must not remove jewelry for at least two months during that time as the hole may get closed due to the body’s respond.

Your piercing should overcome redness or soring after two months of piercing. If you are still experiencing these “healing signs”, you must keep your jewelry in place and use aftercare instructions.

When can I change the initial jewelry?

After your initial healing period is over, which is of 2 to 6 months, you can change your jewelry. But you should not remove the jewelry before that period as that can extend your healing period.

Which Jewelry Should I Choose?

A wrong metal can react with your piercing wound, making it prone to allergic reactions and infections. Therefore, stay away from cheap piercing jewelry like sterling silver, nickel and mystery metal. The best and safest metals for piercing jewelry are titanium, surgical steel and gold.

Is there a risk of infection with a nostril piercing?

Whether its ear piercing or nose piercing, risk is always there. This is because piercing is a wound which can be crusted or filled with puss over a time. So, you must follow piercing aftercare to minimize these symptoms.

How to Tell If My Piercing is Seriously Infected?

If your piercing is marked with these signs, it means your piecing has been infected:

  • Red marks
  • Pain, swelling, and tenderness that gets worse over time.
  • Yellow or Green Pus coming out of nose
  • Excessive Swelling
  • Experiencing Fever linked with cold/flu symptoms.

If you notice any of the signs above, please see your doctor as soon as possible. However, a bit of drainage is normal and your piercing takes time to heal completely.

Is Nose Piercing Painful?

Nose piercing is one of the least painful areas and makes you feel like sharp tingling sensation, if done with right procedure. However, if you are too conscious, you can use Dr.Numb® numbing cream which makes your pain enough tolerable for you.