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Clump of Warts on My Knee, What Is the Best Painless Removal Procedure?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 20th

Clump of Warts on My Knee, What Is the Best Painless Removal Procedure?

Other than being nuisance, most warts are harmless and go away on their own. But, having a clump of warts on the knees can be extremely painful and difficult to cope up with. And if left untreated, these may even spread and increase in size. So, read along the following article to learn about the various wart removal procedures.

Warts are small growth that appears on a person’s body. They are rough in texture and are mainly caused by one of the many HPV(human papillomavirus). These viruses cause the keratin of the top layer of the skin to grow faster, resulting into warts.

Treatments for Clump of Warts on Knee

Warts generally go without any treatment, especially in children. However, warts in adults may not ward off that easily and may even take years to clear up.

Various treatments can be used to clear the clump of warts on the knees. However, certain treatments can cause the skin around the knees to become irritated and may even cause extreme pain.

The most common procedures used to treat the clump of warts on knees include:


Very cold liquid, probably nitrogen is sprayed onto the wart, in order to freeze and destroy the wart cells. A blister develops following the treatment, which turns into a scab and falls off in a week or later.


Surgery is generally performed on warts, if other treatments fail to remove the warts. Under this, the clump of warts will be removed by cutting and smaller warts will be scraped off using a curette.

Laser treatment

A precise laser beam will be directed at the hard to treat clump of warts to destroy them completely.

Although, all these treatments will be definitely painful, but they will deliver guaranteed results. But, if the very thought of pain is making you delay the treatment, then Dr. Numb® is all you need.

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