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How Can You Make A Bikini Wax Less Painful?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 7th

How Can You Make A Bikini Wax Less Painful?

For some individuals, a bikini wax is a pre-summer custom. Everyone of us look forward to going for a swim in delightfully warm climate. But, is your bikini area waxed? Not really!

There are things you can do to make your bikini wax treatment less difficult. Here are answers to some of the swimsuit wax questions I've been asked as a dermatologist and healthy skin expert.

What's the perfect hair length for a swimming outfit wax? Does trimming hair short or developing hair out to a specific length make the waxing less painful?

Having the perfect hair length for your waxing treatment is enormously imperative. Hairs should be trimmed to 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. This enables the wax to tie to the base of the hair for the best removal from the follicle.

Is it useful to peel the treatment area before a wax treatment?

Smoothly exfoliate the treatment site a day or so before to enable the wax to tie better. Do this when you trim the hair for your treatment. Try not to exfoliate too much, however, if you need some dead skin layer present to secure sensitive living cells from being waxed off. This exfoliation will also help limit the risk of ingrown hairs as the waxed follicles regrow new hairs in the weeks after your treatment.

Is there anything that should be possible to plan skin for a less painful waxing treatment? Does icing or using a numbing cream before waxing help? Shouldn't something be said about pre-soaking the skin with warm/high temp water or applying a hot pack before waxing?

Warm compresses

I suggest using warm packs before and cool packs after your wax. Warm packs help relax your hair follicle. Relaxing the follicle helps in less demanding hair removal. When you apply cold packs after your waxing they help relieve irritation and diminish redness and swelling.

Applying a numbing cream

Moreover, you can decrease waxing distress by applying a numbing cream like Dr.Numb®, to the treatment area 30-60 minutes prior to your solution. But, a great many people do without this since it has complications.

The numbing creams are oily and should be totally washed off the skin and hair before waxing so they don't interfere with the authoritative of the wax. Also, some numbing creams have ingredients that you might be sensitive to.

This means it is conceivable to build up an irritated and allergic rash on your recently waxed skin where you applied the cream. An allergic rash begins a day or two after your wax. So, whatever numbing cream you use, do ask your doctor first to get effective results.