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Can I Use Dr. Numb for My Cuts and Burns?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 17th

Can I Use Dr. Numb for My Cuts and Burns?

Dr.Numb® is safe to use on the minor burns on cuts, but with some precautions.

Dr.Numb ® numbing cream is a popular choice to reduce pain and discomfort occurring in tattooing, piercing and surgical incisions. Many people wonder if it can be used for their cuts and burns. While numbing cream is recommended to use over the normal and unbroken skin, it can be used over the injured skins like cuts and burns.In fact, it provides you instant relief from pain and tingling sensation.

However, you should be extremely careful while doing that. This is because numbing cream may cause several side effects once it enters your bloodstream through those cracks.

How Does Dr.Numb® Numbing Cream Work?

Dr.Numb® numbing cream contains powerful anesthetic, lidocaine in 5%. It dulls the pain receptors beneath the skin so that the pain signals can’t be reached to the brain. Dr.Numb® keeps your skin numbed for an hour or two. This time frame is enough to dull your pain and “burning” sensation causing discomfort. Once your skin is numbed, you don’t feel anything done or happen to your skin.

How to Use Dr.Numb® on Your Minor Burns and Cuts?

As we have told you that you must be extremely careful while using any numbing cream on your burns and cuts, here are the precautions you must follow:

(NOTE: Use numbing cream only for minor burns and cuts. Don’t use it on excessively broken skin or wounded skin with large gaps. See your doctor instead for first aid.)

  • Wash your injured skin with water to remove the debris and dirt
  • Pat it dry with a clean cloth
  • Apply antibiotic for first aid contents
  • Apply numbing cream only if you feel pain or burning sensation

(It is better if you read the guidelines given on the pack)

Dr.Numb® is Safe for Minor Burns and Cuts

Dr.Numb ® is safe for all skin types and is highly recommended numbing cream across the world. Again, using a numbing cream ensures you complete efficiency and safety as well, only when you use it according to the guidelines.

When Not to Use a Numbing Cream for Minor Burns or Cuts?

  • Avoid using numbing cream if you are allergic to lidocaine or any numbing agent
  • Consult your doctor if you have medical condition before using numbing cream
  • Talk to doctor if you are taking medicines or supplement
  • Don’t use numbing cream for excessively injured skin