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Bump on Piercing - Something Expected!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 16th

Bump on Piercing - Something Expected!

So you got a piercing job done. Great! What next? Those bump on piercing cause a fear among people. Let’s explore about them here.

It is often found that people complain about bumps on their piercings. Actually, if you are also dealing them, don’t panic. Getting a painful bump after get a body area pierced is a common thing today. The reason can vary from person to person. However, such bumps occur generally due to use of non - sterilized equipment or non-professional aftercare treatment.

“Last year, I got me navel pierced. All was fine and I was too excited. The very next morning I felt something uneven and painful near my piercing. It was a big bump and I was seriously horrified. I followed each and every thing advised by the artist, still having a bump made me in double confusion…” ~Sancher R.

Just like him, you can also have a bump surrounding your new piercing. Why?

Here are the various possibilities for the occurrence of bumps:

  • Bad Aftercare: Now this includes a long list of things. From what you eat to how you keep it. Touching it frequently, keep it untidy, not using a daily saline solution soak, and many others. You can consult your artist for this.
  • Wrong Piercing Angle: Believe it, just an incorrect angle of piercing and it can be one possible reason of bump formation. In such a case, you have to haul yourself back to the piercer and get it re-pierced at a proper angle.
  • Poor Quality Jewelry: What did you wear after having a piercing? Does it matter? Yes, of course and significantly. Reason is that citing a poor quality jewelry choice can lead to bumps. You can trust not gold, titanium, niobium, etc. for this reason. Also make sure that the fit is neither too tight nor too loose. As it too can create trouble!
  • Makeup: For few days avoid putting any of your skincare products on or near your piercings. Lotions or shampoos should also be avoided. No doubt, piercing needs to be cleaned; but for this you don’t need any chemical based products.

How to Treat Bumps?

Developing a bump at the site of your piercing is not in your control. But you can always prevent it from happening being little more careful. Still if there arises a situation when your piercing site turns red, and a swollen, contact your doctor. For immediate relief you can count on numbing solution like Dr.Numb®. It is safe to use and highly effective.