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Breast Cancer Survivors; All About Areola Repigmentation (Tattooing)

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 13th

Breast Cancer Survivors; All About Areola Repigmentation (Tattooing)

Areola Repigmentation is a tattooing procedure that is primarily done on breast cancer survivors who have had reconstructive surgery. Much of the time, the specialist will make an areola and union it on to the patient's breast. When this is very much mended, a tattoo artist who has practical experience in areola pigmentation, will tattoo a natural coloring onto the union. The color chosen is usually to compliment the healthy breast.

Sometimes, the specialist won't make an areola, and the tattoo should be possible to reenact a 3-D areola utilizing masterful impacts. Light and shade can make a look that is to somewhat sensible from a separation.

A few customers have asked about having their natural healthy areolas obscured because of maturing and the blurring of the color as the years progressed. This should be possible, and is truly the same than a traditional tattoo.

Areola tattooing should be possible on both ladies and men.

The Procedure for Areola Tattooing

A tattoo machine, referred as a loop machine, is the favored technique for applying areola tattooing. A traditional tattoo machine is extremely productive at embedding the color in the skin, and causes less injury.

A similarity would be a specialist using a sharp, exact surgical tool to perform surgery, or cutting someone open with a butter knife. The surgical blade was intended for the current task, and causes less injury because of the amazing sharpness of the instrument.

Some machines used as a part of tattooing or perpetual cosmetics today don't have the vital energy to embed color in scar tissue or thicker-cleaned areas, for example, the breast. Since they don't have the important force, then the professional must go over the area, bringing about all the more swelling and injury.

The tattoo machine, in any case, was designed for this reason, and is perfect for the method gave the expert or artist experiences with this equipment. Continuously meet the professional or artist preceding having the work done.

Areola tattooing is viewed as a "propelled" system, and ought to just be finished by an accomplished artist. Request referrals from previous customers or doctors, and ask to see photographs of the artist's work.

Colors used as a part of areola tattooing are regularly press oxide, and have a low frequency of hypersensitive responses. Unfavorably susceptible responses can likewise be brought on when tattooed areas are presented to the sun, and obviously this would not be an issue since dress will typically cover the area.

Is the procedure painful?

Normally not, as most ladies who have had a reproduction of breast cancer have no nerves in the region. If a natural breast areola is being tattooed just to obscure the shading, then topical sedatives can be connected before the method. Typically an hour beforehand is adequate to numb the region.

Areola Tattooing - After Care

Note that all specialists and professionals have their own recommendations and guidance concerning aftercare. The following is for the most part suggested, however, dependably take after the exhortation of the expert.

  • No swimming in pools, streams, or at the beach for 2 weeks
  • No sun tanning or tanning beds for 2 weeks
  • Continuously wash hands before touching the area

Apply a thin layer of ointment that the artist prescribes, a few times each day, for the initial 7 days

Note: If you have issues, suspect an allergic reaction or disease, contact a doctor promptly and also, contact your artist or specialist.