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Breast Cancer - The Dreadful Ailment!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 9th

Breast Cancer - The Dreadful Ailment!

Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases amongst women. And the worst thing is that most of the ladies actually do not know much about it. Let’s learn here to diagnose it.

In the last few years, breast cancer has appeared to be the biggest fear among women. Characterized by the unexpected growth of malignant tumors in the glandular tissues, breast cancer is affecting more than 2 million women all across the world. Yes, the number is increasing and more women.

Experts believe that breast cancer survivors with early detection, and who follow a prompt and appropriate treatment can easily overcome the problem. Though the disease is said to affect elder women more as compared to the younger one, but that will never constrain it to some specific age group. Do you know 75% of breast cancer occurs cases are found among the age group 50 or more? Actually, no one knows why some women develop breast cancer. But some of the noted risks factors are exposure to estrogen, demographic factors (age, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status), genetics, nutrition, and smoking.

What are the symptoms?

Any signs are hardly noticeable when it first develops. However, when it grows, it can cause some changes which every woman should watch for. Among the most common symptom, abnormal lump or swelling in the breast is highly popular.

Similarly, lumps can also appear beside the breast or under the arm. The other symptoms can be abnormal nipple discharge, changes in breast texture, unexplained breast pain, or changes in the skin on or around the breast.

What is breast cancer screening?

Now, if you develop any of the above symptoms, and you doubt for breast cancer the biggest question is to screen or not to screen. Yes, it is the biggest dilemma. Not just that it is a matter of economics but also for a reason that diagnosis of cancer is the period of greatest stress for a cancer patient. Defined by fear (anxiety), confusion, sadness (depression), and occasional anger, it is no less than a challenge.

But here it is important to note that the goal of screening for breast cancer is to detect cancer in its earliest stage. Yes, doing so you can save yourself from surgery and medical treatment can be an effective solution. In the next post you will be updated about the different processes. Stay tuned!