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Brazilian Waxing - Going Painless with 7 Easy Steps!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 3rd

Brazilian Waxing - Going Painless with 7 Easy Steps!

Brazilian waxing is associated with the excruciating pain. The reason being, it involves getting your nether regions waxed. While it is hard to eliminate the pain completely, you can definitely put efforts to reduce the same. Find out how.

Earlier it was believed that only the bravest of souls go for a Brazilian wax. But nowadays, you will find a long list of women waiting for their appointment at the parlors for this type of waxing.

Well, this doesn’t mean that it has now turned into a “fun” time. It is painful, but the difference is just that now people are aware of the facts and tips for making this process a bit simple. Hence, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been waxing for long, knowing how to make the process less painful will always beneficial. Read on 7 tips to make a Brazilian wax bearable.

Pick the right salon

Don’t get allured with those tempting offers, giving you add on a waxing service with your mani-pedi treatment. You can let the inexperienced persons ruin your skin. Such offers might be cost effective, but how painful and dreadful they will end up, cannot be predicted. Hence, before you make an appointment, make sure you check for their reputation in the market. You can look for reviews online.

Skip your coffee

In the list of things to keep away for few days, there are few things, including caffeine. Actually, the stimulants in coffee are said to make your skin extra sensitive. Thus, it is right to switch to decaf for the morning. You can go for it once you get waxed. Meanwhile, you can replace it with warm water or green tea.

Fix your appointment after your periods

While there are no such proves to prove this, but it is said that the skin becomes a little more sensitive to pain during your menstruation period. And definitely skin is more prone to pain. Hence, before you call up your expert, do check the calendar. In case, the date is approaching closer, it is advisable to delay it. This would cause you less inconvenience.

Invest in numbing cream

If you seriously wish to use numbing solution, you can go for it. There are several certified numbing creams like Dr.Numb®, which can be used to make process painless. To add here, don’t go for any home remedies like using ice to numb the area before waxing. This will make the situation more complex. The reason being, it will tighten and close up the pores, making waxing much more difficult.

Exfoliating can help

Don’t be confused; though the goal is for waxing, but exfoliating can really do wonders. For this, you can use a body scrub. Start at least two days beforehand. This will ensure that there isn’t any extra dry and dead skin hanging around. So, there will be nothing present to make it harder for the wax to grab hairs.

Go for water

Water can prove to be your best friend. While you are known to the stimulating effects of caffeine and alcohol, i.e. the way these constrict your pores, you need to know that this can be prevented by keeping your skin well hydrated. You can always couple it with the use of scrubs and moisturizers to keep skin soft and supple.

Safety for 24 hours afterwards

As your hair has been ripped off, pores remain more open for around next 24 hours. Hence, a proper care can save you from terrible pain. Just avoid hopping in a pool or hot tub. Also, avoid coming into contact with chemical