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Botox Treatment; Where It Is Done & How It Functions?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Aug 13th

Botox Treatment; Where It Is Done & How It Functions?

Earlier, it was considered that Botox treatment is for famous people. But, with the passage of time, things have proved wrong! People are now willingly choosing this Botox treatment to fight the signs of maturing. Those who are suffering from fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet- are opting for Botox treatment. 

There are many big celebs who at the age of 40, pick Botox treatment to cover up their wrinkles and different other signs of maturing.

Normally, Botox treatment is meant for the face, especially the lips, around the eyes, and forehead. It is simple, easily performed with less pain. All you need to do is, visit the best cosmetic treatment specialist, who provides you painless Botox treatment. 

Botox Treatment Is Best For Which Body Part?

The fine lines which are between the eyebrows of a person are known as Glabellas lines. Botox treatment is performed on these lines, crow's feet around the eyes, fine lines around the mouth and brow. It might shock you, but in a few parts of the world, Botox treatment to cure health problems like headaches and excess armpit sweating.

Botox treatment is medically approved safe treatment, however, should be performed by the best cosmetic surgeon. The Botox treatment has increased incredibly in the last few years. Specialists consider Botox treatment as one the valuable tool to fight against the signs of ageing. But, it is a little painful procedure.

To avoid that, do ask your specialist to numb the area, before undergoing the process. All you need to do is-

  • Wash the area thoroughly.
  • Apply a thick layer of topical numbing cream like, Dr.Numb®.
  • Keep it for an hour by covering it with a bandage, so that the medicine absorbs into your skin.
  • Remove the left over cream with a cotton.
  • And, then you are ready to go through the procedure. 

How Botox Treatment Functions?

The Botox treatment works by deadening the movement of muscles where Botox injections are injected. Keep in mind, that the consequences of this anti-ageing treatment may take seven days to show up

Therefore, the results of the cosmetic treatment will make you look dazzling and will stay for 3 to 6 months. After 6 months time period, the body will retain the proteins and the effects of treatment will start diminishing.