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Body Piercing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 17th

Body Piercing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Here we have rounded up common misconceptions you shouldn’t believe anymore.

Body piercing is nearly a 5,000 years old practice, and it is still in vogue.

Despite being a common practice, piercing is surrounded with several misconceptions. For example, many people think that body piercing is painful. Then, some folk think that tongue piercing can lead someone to death. Some of these myths have been passing down from generations.



Most people think that body piercing causes intolerable pain. The fear of pain is particularly eminent among beginners. However, not all body piercings are painful. The pain level is determined by the presence of nerve endings and how hard is the tissue. For example, ear piercing is less painful than belly button piercing due to less nerve ending and soft tissues. Some of the painful piercings are nipple piercing, genital piercing and cartilage piercing. The least painful piercings are ear lobes, navel piercing, tongue piercing and lip piercing.

If you are still bothered by pain or looking to get it on the area that hurts, consider using topical anesthetic like Dr.Numb®. It desensitizes your nerve endings so that you feel less pain.

Myth # 2: Getting Pierced With A Piercing-Gun Is Easy:


Getting piercing with a piercing gun sounds easy and comfortable than a needle. However, piercing gun risks safety and healing process. This is because the piercing impact is like “thrust” which may lead to infection and delay in healing process. Then, the needle may not be properly sterilized as it is used on many clients before you. The metal used in these guns is not safe and can cause contact dermatitis or nickel allergies.

To ensure safety with a piercing gun, consider a reputed and experienced piercing artist.

Myth # 3: Piercing is Subject to Infection:


Piercing is safe as long as you are getting it from good artist and follow aftercare. Your piercing spot is vulnerable to infection with contaminated equipment and unhygienic practices. The risk is also associated with wrong jewelry, frequent touching the area or taking swim or bath in public pools.

Myth # 4: Navel Piercing Damages Stomach, Veins and Uterus:


This is not true. Navel piercing doesn’t risk your stomach or veins in any manner. It is done on the outer flap of the navel. The needle doesn’t penetrate upwards or downwards on the stomach. However, make sure to get it done from experienced artist as wrong movement of needle can cause injury.

Myth # 5: Tongue Piercing Can Kill Due to Bleeding:


The tongue is lined with major veins. But tongue piercing won’t hurt any of them. Excessive bleeding occurs in some cases for which immediate medical assistance is required.

In 2018, ear and body piercing have remained in huge trend than ever before. Multiple ear piercings are increasingly common. '90s nostalgia has many experts expecting a resurgence in belly button piercings. Its good time to be the part of trend, but be sure to remove all the myths from your mind.