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Body Piercing: It is not a new form of body art!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 6th

Body Piercing: It is not a new form of body art!

Piercing nowadays appears to be a trendy option for the people who are yearning for a stylish appearance. But do you know it is an ancient form of body modification? Yes, almost all the cultures have practiced it at some or the other time, and the trend continues. However, today piercing is extremely widespread all around the globe. Let’s dig into the past for more information.

Few years back it was highly popular in Western Europe and America. But nowadays piercing is one of the most famous body art practices all over the world. As far as the first place where pierced mummified body was found, is said to be in Ancient Egypt. Yes, ear piercing is said to be done more than 5000 years ago. Isn’t it surprising?

Different reasons, different types

There are some words about this form of body art in the Bible. The expert’s state that in Biblical times piercing was a symbol of status and attractiveness. Today it is a simple way to express ones style, but earlier Romans pierced their body just not for the sake of beauty, but also for practical purpose. For example, nipple piercing was done in order to signify their strength and virility.

On the contrary, men got their naval pierced to symbolize their patience and dedication to the Roman Empire. It was also treated to be a sign of courage. Do you know Julius Caesar had pierced nipples?

For the gladiators, genital piercing was a way to prevent serious injury in the combat. It was done by tying the organ back to the testicles. It was done with the help of leather stripe which then hold the ring.

Religious and ritual beliefs

Tongue piercing, which is a popular practice today, was once a significant part of religious rituals for ancient tribes of Aztecs, Maya, and American Indians. It was believed that with the blood-letting ritual of tongue piercing, help bring them closer to their gods.

Another popular form was septum piercing. It was common among Maya and Aztec warrior tribes. It was basically done to frighten the enemies. Gold and jade labrets were used to boost their attractiveness and enhance sexuality.

Restrictions existed

Do you know there were certain types of body piercing which were restricted? Especially, in ancient Egypt, and even the royal families had to follow those rules. Similarly, for navel piercing,only Pharaoh had the right to have his navel pierced. In case, any man was found who got or was about to get his navel pierced, was executed. It was the higher class of Egyptians who had the right to wear earring. It was a way out to display their wealth and power.

It was then in the Dark Ages Medieval, when church restricted piercing. At that moment, this form of body modification died down. However, it was back during the Renaissance and was a widespread among the sailors. They opted to pierce one of the ears. It was a symbol to portray their long-distant adventures.

So, now you can feel pretty proud about your piercing job, if you have one. And if planning to get one, you can move ahead with confidence!