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Body Piercing - A Famous Form of Body Art!

Posted by Ann.V On 2016 Oct 11th

Body Piercing - A Famous Form of Body Art!

If you are out for body piercing, it is essential to make sure the piercing is not a simple form of body art. Even the experts explain some risks or possible complications. Explore some useful information here.

So you went to a piercing parlor and you were asked to sign a consent form. This is basically done in order to confirm whether you are sure that you wish to pierce your skin or not. For the children under the age of 16, is some regions, a parent or guardian consent is a must have.

Why consent form? Have you ever thought this? Because piercing is not as simple as it appears to be. Hence, first it is important to understand the process. Let’s begin with the simplest one.

Earlobe and ear cartilage piercing

When ear piercing is performed, simply a hole is made through the fatty tissue of the earlobe. In cartilage one, it is done to the cartilage at the top of the ear. Later an earring is inserted. While most of the piercers use a piercing gun to pierce the earlobes, do you know some guns can be used for the cartilage on too?

As far as piercing with a gun is considered, it is safe for your ear. But it should not be used for any other part of the body. Also, for ear piercing, the guns need to have sterile disposable cartridges to ensure that the piercing is clean and sterile. But it is not necessary to go for piercing gun. In case, you don’t feel safe, you can go to a professional piercer and he will pierce ears using a sterilized hollow needle.

What about other types of piercing?

For other types of piercing, using a hollow needle is preferred. The needle is pushed through the skin and tissue of the body part, where the jewelry has to be inserted. It is done in a way to ensure that there is a clear entrance and exit holes. When done with this, a piece of jewelry, usually a decorative bar or ring, is inserted into the hole.

Is it painful?

While some people claim that body piercing doesn't hurt, it will be unfair to say that it don’t at all. In your case it may feel like a sharp prick or it can turn unbearable. It clearly depends on your threshold and the artist you choose. In extreme cases, when a piercing is not done correctly, one might end up with a burning pain.

What to do with the pain?

Don’t fear for the pain. There is a solution to everything, and for you it is Dr.Numb®. One of the best topical anesthetic creams, Dr.Numb® contains 5% lidocaine. It will stop the pain signals and make it pain free for you.