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Which Body Jewelry Type Serves Best For Your Piercings?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 8th

Which Body Jewelry Type Serves Best For Your Piercings?

Whether you go for sleek and sophisticated, try the edgy and industrial look, body jewelry is sufficient in itself to give you a unique and personalized look. Hence, before you buy and wear any sort of piercing body jewelry, it is important to know which is the best suited and why?

Piercings are turning popular these days. Though it is not a new form of body art, yet it has evolved so much with the passage of time that many types appear to be new and exclusive. And this is probably the biggest reason why people go for this form. For the fashion savvy people, it is no less than a blessing.

Basically, in this art a part of your body is pierced. Now when your body is cut through, in that particular place, a jewelry piece is inserted. Yes, it is painful. How much? Now this depends on your threshold. For some it can be similar to a minute pinch, and to others it can be a worst experience. In case, you feel more pain, you can use Dr.Numb®. Being the world’s most trusted brand, it lets you experience an industry-leading quality which will never let you settle anything less than the best experience. In short, it makes the process free from pain. Moreover, it is GMP-approved, with state-of-the-art facilities and formulated as per the high standards of Health Canada. So, it is safe and efficient.

Besides the pain factor, there is one more thing which needs you attention. Actually, it is often overlooked. It is none other than the jewelry you wear after getting your body pierced.

Which is the best metal for body jewelry?

As far as the ideal metal is concerned, titanium is one of the very best materials for body jewelry. And the good thing is that there is an excellent range of titanium body jewelry present these days. Being very light in weight, it is highly durable metal that too with an excellent biocompatibility.

So, it is much lighter, and also stronger than surgical steel; which is the major metal used for body jewelry. You know what is the biggest advantage of picking up titanium jewelry? Unlike other jewelry types, titanium does not contain other metals like nickel. Yes, the same nickel which is found in surgical steel and often it irritates their piercings.

What are the other benefits of Titanium Body jewelry?

  • Will never irritate your skin
  • Less odor compared to steel jewelry
  • Best suited for individuals with metal allergies
  • Decreases the piercing healing times
  • Being lighter enough to carry for long, it is also stronger than other metals
  • Available in many different colors
  • It is extremely biocompatible
  • Most comfortable to wear

Hence, if you have ever experienced irritation or soreness after wearing any other jewelry, definitely it is recommended to switch to titanium. While it is hypoallergenic, it is also efficient to shorten the healing times as compared to other types available. While this one is little more expensive than other metals, but without any doubt it is worth buying. It feels extremely comfortable to wear.