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Bikini Wax FAQs- What you need to know?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jan 11th

Bikini Wax FAQs- What you need to know?

Summary: Are you planning for a bikini waxing for the first time? There might be many questions revolving around. Well, you are not only one. Every first-time doer frets over similar situation. So, here are answers you have been looking for.

Without a doubt, the first bikini waxing experience can be a panic-inducing task. Yes, there are worries of pain and embarrassment too. And it starts as soon as you enter the parlor, isn’t it?

However, if you are anxious to start taking over, here is a little help to cut down on your worries. Read on to know more.

Is it painful?

The tear-inducing pain is certainly one of the major factors which can deter anyone from scheduling a bikini wax. It would be unfair that it is not painful as it’s an unavoidable part of the process. Being highly painful for the first timers, it can be a daunting task even for those who have very dense and thick hair. Yes, you cannot skip out on without a numbing solution. Dr.Numb® can help you significantly. It is a water-based solution which causes a numbing sensation that too without leaving you without any side-effects.

How long the process will be?

Unlike the facial or arm waxing, which take just few minutes to be done, the bikini area can take a longer time. And it can take additional time when the hairs grown are uneven. If you are among those who cannot bear pain at all, might need more time and number of sessions.

Are there are any alternatives?

No one wants to be in pain and therefore, at a point during your wax, you might wonder if there is any other way out? Well, the answer to hit would be a laser treatment. Despite the appeal of laser treatments, you need to know that pain associated with lasers is arguably worse.

As user states, “It is like having someone smack each hair follicle with a rubber band, and even then there is no guarantee that it will even work”. In few cases, it hasn’t adequately removed all the hair, which certainly makes waxing a better alternative.

Then other option is shaving, which is without a doubt less painful on the skin. However, you cannot expect it to deliver the same results as waxing. Reason being, shaving removes the hair shaft only, and the roots would to still visible.

Is it affordable?

A good bikini wax would usually cost anywhere from $50 to $70. So, it is not too expensive. And yes, as compared to laser sessions, waxing is seriously cheap. Here it is worth noticing that some waxing centers might charge you as low as $30. But please be aware of poor hygienic techniques they employ and never compromise on quality.

aThankfully, waxing results tend to last a bit longer. Hence, if you want to go hairless for a longer period, you can choose this method to have a clean bikini area. While you won't have come back in for a few weeks, the hair usually grows back differently for everyone. Thus, it’s essential to keep a check while scheduling future appointments.