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The Best Hair Removal Method for Tattooed Skin

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 May 31st

The Best Hair Removal Method for Tattooed Skin

Tattoo artists shave the skin in the area that will be inked before every procedure. Shaving keeps hair follicles from being forced into a tattoo and causing ingrown hairs during the tattoo healing process. A fresh stencil application is also an advantage and the consequence of shaving the area. This hair will come back while the tattoo is healing, and removing the hair will cause a more visible tattoo.

Try not to expel hair from a tattooed area of the skin until the tattoo is healed totally. For a few, the tattoo healing procedure will take two weeks, while others may have a healing procedure of over a month. If you are not sure that your tattoo is healed or not, have your tattoo artist look at the skin to confirm the condition. Remove the hair once all of the scabs and peeling skin of the tattoo are no more.

The most lucrative hair removal system for inked skin is shaving

Shaving the hair that has become over the tattoo should be possible at home after the tattoo is healed. Male and female athletes, for example, swimmers, advantage from this procedure as they already shave their legs regularly, accordingly not adding any elements to their hair removal routine if their tattoo is on the legs.

Shaving an inked body part is less expensive than waxing and hair removal. When there is an extensive tattoo, for example, a back piece or sleeve, other hair removal choices will include monetarily from a few required removal sessions.

Using a razor to shave the inked area is less painful than waxing or laser hair removal. There is no compelling reason to wait for the hair to develop to a specific length for it to be removed when shaving. So, the individual will have quick results rather than half a month of hair development.

Moisturize the tattooed area after shaving over the skin. Lotion will soften your harsh skin to enable it to seem more translucent. The more translucent the top layer of your skin, the more visible and splendid the tattoo will show up.