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Belly Button Piercing Stories

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 22nd

Belly Button Piercing Stories

Some had a great experience. Some felt pain. For some, it was unique. This is how people discussed their belly button piercing experiences over the online thread like Reddit, Yahoo Answers, and BodyJewelryForum. Here we have compiled such reviews.

When Belly Button Piercing Was Superb and Overwhelming As Well

“I got my belly button pierced when I was 15. (Now 21) But It was a very painless experience. They marked two dots on my stomach (sic) where they were going to poke the needle through and asked if they were even. I didn't look for a while (sic) lol. I didn't even know they had already pierced it. It didn't hurt a bit. I wish I had more skin in it but oh well. Mine was alil red afterward and bled alil bit. But they told me to wash it with dial antibacterial soap three times a day for I think two months maybe it was less. And told me to put Neosporin on it and all my other friends had theirs pierced but had theirs done at another place and they didn't tell them to do that but to put peroxide on it which would dry it out. But thankfully mine was fine. I'm not sure it's (sic) really worth it. It's cute at first but I forget mines there most of the time. Well, I hope I helped.”

Poor Aftercare Leads to Complications

“I originally had a regular piercing done by a professional, with a 14-ga needle and a cbr. He told me to leave it in till it was completely healed (6-12 months) and not touch it except for cleaning. But I was impatient, and I just HAD to try on some of the rings I had bought. One of the rings I had in was a twist, and the piercing got pulled off-center, so I put in another twist that went the other direction to try to fix it. The more I tried to fix it, the worse it got, until I eventually gave up and let it heal over. I recently re-pierced it myself, with a 14-ga piercing needle, and put in a circular barbell (NOT twisted!) and am leaving it alone (except of course for cleaning it, which I am also doing like I should have done the first time around). So far, it seems to be doing very well.

The first piercing was close to the front of the navel, which I wasn't really happy with, so when I pierced it this time, I put it deeper. I like the deeper-set piercing, to put the jewelry inside the belly-button instead of at the front. I also feel that it will be less likely to "catch" on my clothes that way.”

A Sweet and Sour Experience

“I love my navel piercing. :) I got it done when I was 17ish and now I am 31.

The first few weeks were kind of nasty. I had an ugly, dark, (sometimes puss-filled) bubble on it, but I kept it clean with Dial soap and Saline solution and it went away after a while. It's (sic) a pretty common thing to happen as the navel area rubs up on pants and belts and can easily get irritated and infected.

I never had any issues with it since that. I have a bar through it with a gem on the one end (like this). I got it pierced with a plain surgical steel bar (like the picture but without the gems).

I don't change my jewelry often, but I used to, (though I think this summer I will) just to switch it up a bit. I've had it for half my life and I still love it!”

A Different Experience

“Most belly buttons have skin that overhangs the dip a little. It’s just a little extra skin where the stomach has grown and morphed during growth. If you have this extra skin, GREAT that is where the piercing will be and it shouldn’t hurt anymore then an ear piercing. I, however, do not have such skin.
Now, I knew this going in, I knew that it would have to go through the actual skin, fat or muscle or whatever was under my skin at the time I don’t know my anatomy.
When I went in the lovely chap that did it said it might not look the way I was comparing because I didn’t have the overlay, again, I knew this (and I like the way it looks).
When he did it, he had to practically fight it in. I took longer then it should have and two tries to get it through all the way. I would have yelled out if not for my friends waiting outside that I didn’t want to show weakness towards.
But yeah, just be aware that if your belly button is abnormal like mine, it will hurt like a bitch and it will look more like an eyebrow piercing above your belly button more then what you might see on the internet (I like the look of mine better, personally). If you are interested in getting it without the skin and want to see what it’s like, hit me up, I’ll send you a pic.”

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