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Beauty Marks: Getting Rid of Them is Possible Now!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 7th

Beauty Marks: Getting Rid of Them is Possible Now!

Beauty mark is a euphemistic word for the moles on the face. Don’t get yourself swayed away by the name of it. These were earlier considered something to be proud of, and hence turn out the name. But it is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so for some it might be a real mark of ‘beauty’. However, not all will want to stick with their beauty mark. So, if you are also looking for some way out to remove these, here’s a little help. Read on.

Getting Rid of Them is Possible Now

The "dumb blonde", Marilyn Monroe had one. And the gorgeous Niki Taylor and Cindy Crawford too carry one along. Of course, you guessed it right! It is about the beauty marks. The daintily dark facial moles on the face of these pretty ladies are something everyone seems to adore. While these have been floating in and out of fashion for centuries, the beauty marks or better say, facial moles, have always been a considered to have fascination and meaning.

But, certainly not everyone loves them the same way. Don’t worry if you are not in a mood to keep these marks with you. Thanks to the modern technology! Now you have at your disposal several surgical and cosmetic ways to get rid out of these marks or moles. The only problem that stands in the way of achieving the cure is the cost of these treatments and the side effects associated with them. Moreover, if the surgery is not carried in the right manner, you simply end up having a permanent scar. That alone can be the reason for you to think twice before getting yourself involved in any treatment.

Having been discussed the consequences of these treatments, now it is right time to enumerate for some natural ways to provide a better solution to the problem.

  • Onion Juice: It can come to your rescue. You don’t have to worry about drinking it though. Just apply a few drops of it daily on your mole for at least 3 weeks and see if the mole diminishes. One can however also use sour apple or a cauliflower juice to make the trick work.
  • Coriander Leaves: Wash the leaves thoroughly and grind it by using a processor. Make a paste out of it and apply it daily for at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Ginger Paste: However it has a different method involved with it. The reason being, for this you need to put the paste on the mole. After having done that leave it overnight. You can use a bandage to keep the paste intact. Repeat the process for a few days until you get results.
  • Grapefruit Extract: You can use it against a ginger paste. It is said to work best for moles. Take a few pieces of drum sticks and grind them. Now have some lemons by your side and put a few drops of their juice in the paste. Apply this paste on daily bases till the mole gets removed.
  • Flaxseed Oil: All you need to do is combine it with honey and form a thick paste. You need to apply it on the affected area. Just remember, wash your mole with hot water first. Let it dry then. Take a cotton swab and dip it in apple cider vinegar. Now apply the cotton swab on affected area and leave it for 10 minutes. The next thing is to wash it off with cold water.
  • Dandelions Roots: Purchase some fresh roots and clean them properly. All you need to do is get your mole cleaned by rubbing these roots over. Continue with the same till a milky white substance starts coming out of them. Keep repeating this method 2 to 3 times a day for a few weeks. This is one of the best remedies on the list.

All these methods will certainly help you in getting your mole removed. And yes, it will also help you making your face look clean and fresh. Hence, it is highly recommending to try these first before going for any of the expensive treatments out there!